Dark Mark Illusion Scarf ---help needed!

I’m on chart 2 of The Dark Mark Illusion Scarf pattern, and my snake is coming out of the WRONG (left) eye! Can anyone help?
I’ve made sure I’m on the right chart; I’ve searched here and looked at everyone else’s pics. For anyone who has made this, where did you get your charts from?-----I downloaded mine from Stormmoon’s website. Maybe there was a correction since then? Help!

Hi, don’t know if this really helps you but I just went and looked
at other dark mark scarves on Ravelry and noticed that some had
the snakes coming out of one eye and some had it coming out the
other. Not sure what that means as I think the storm moon knits
is the only source for the pattern but if you do a search for pics
of other scarves you can see there seems to be some variation.
If it is all coming out ok otherwise does it matter which eye it comes
out? :slight_smile:


I’m trying to finish a wip and can’t remember if I had to read the pattern differently. Should I be reading it “serpentine” like?

Umm, not sure what you mean by “serpentine” like…:slight_smile:

You read the chart so that the odd number rows are read from
right to left and the even number rows are read left to right. Given
that the pattern is created on the even number rows if you read
them backwards it will change the positioning of the pattern but if
you consistently read them backwards you should still end up with
a “working” illusion pattern.

I just started another one of these guys last night and now I’m
curious to see which eye my snake will be sneaking out of hehe…

Libbie :slight_smile:

Yes!!! That’s what I meant—back and forth, like a “snake” LOL.
I’m working on it now. Thank you so much!!