Dark Brown and Pale Pink

[B][FONT=“Georgia”][SIZE=“2”][COLOR=“Pink”]has anyone here dyed yarn a Dark Brown miuxed with Pale Pink?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

Dark Brown and Pale pink. That is my friend’s FAVORITE color combination (I like it too, but my personal favorite is probably burgundy and gold? maybe? or silver? or black? I just love Burgundy)
But anyway, those colors go together very well and are VERY popular today.
go for it.

I was just wondering if anyone has used those colors. I don’t don’t dye the yarns. I just buy them!

I keep looking for yarn that color, but haven’t seen any.[/COLOR][/B]

oh… :neutral:
Well I have never seen it… somebody should dye it.

Brown and pink are wonderful colors, these colors were popular way back, civil war time or so. And they are back today.

I have purchased brown yarn and pink to make a felted bag and would have gotten a varigated but none was available.

Please continue your quest, I would be be interested in that color combination, it is earthy and warm. Maybe someone that does dyeing will see this thread and create some.


I just got a request for a scarf in these colors from a friend, so if you find any please let me know!

I love those colors too. I’d really like some hand-dyed yarn for a scarf, but will take pretty much anything if it is soft. If anybody finds some, please post.

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]I’ll be hunting for yarn in those shades Togather. So I’ll show if I find them.

For soft yarns go to Hobby Lobby and by homespun brand, I LOVE it because it’s super soft and it won’t brake the bank. On the down side it’s a little splitty and you have to wrap it slow so as not to bunch up the outer threads. As for brown and pink look under the brands with no dye lot such as Simply Soft or TLC. They aren’t to expencive and if you dn’t trust the “no dye lot” go with Lion Brand.

I have ventured into hand dying yarn and selling it on etsy (I only have one skein up so far) so far no buyers:( but hopefully soon. I seen this request and thought hmm…I am willing to do custom orders but at the time I do not have brown dye. If anyone is really interested let me know what yarn weight and I will order the dye and get started. Now would those who are interested, only want the yarn to be dark brown and pale pink or dark brown, light brown, and pale pink? If you don’t want me to do this thats fine I just thought I would try to help out:wink:Let me know

If you have access to a walnut tree, you will have a beautiful brown from the hulls. No mordant is needed.

Be sure to wear gloves when handling the walnut hulls - they will dye your hands too!

100purewool (one of my favorite yarns :heart:) has a lovely brown and pink merino:




That Brown adn Pink is PERFECT!!! But what is the name of that link?


[I][B]GOT IT!!!

Thank You!!![/B][/I]