Dangles' DD is gonna be in her first play!

Ick. Chest colds suck. :hug: :heart: :hug:

Hi all, been a while since I posted. I have survived the chest cold. It sure was a doozy.

My brother’s engagement party was … interesting. [rant]She was decked out in this ball gown. The dinner experience was a doozy. MC goes ok everyone eat. In the end, the family ate late.

My parents are much of mingle’rs so they spent their time with my children our visit with my relatives if they even did that. She had a hissy fit. I guess it was expected for my parents to greet everyone? Heck even her folks did not introduce herself to us. ok enough of that [/end rant]

So DD will be in her first school play. She’s currently in preschool and her line is, “[I]You’ll also find Jesus - Go worship Him now.[/I]” She has quickly mastered that line and states the last half with umph. She as even written a letter to him early so the “elves have enough time to make it, mommy.”