Dangles' DD is gonna be in her first play!

Hello everyone. New to this blog thing so bear with me please.

Now how can I think of [I]100 Things About Me[/I]?

     1. I live in Canada, on the west (wet) coast.
2. I was born in Hong Kong.
3. My birthday is in April.
4. I am married.
5. I met my husband at work.
6. We have two beautiful children, DD is four and DS is two.
7. I hope DS will be potty-trained soon.
8. I am a stay at home mom.
9. I have a younger brother.
  1. I started knitting in Jan. 2007
  2. KnittingHelp.com pretty much taught me how to knit. Thanks Amy!
  3. I started knitting because DD had two handmade blankets when she was born and DS did not. So I was determined to make him a handmade blanket.
  4. I am still working on DS’s blanket. :aww:
  5. I have about 3 WIPs. DS’s blanket, Palindrome – reversible scarf, and a half-frogged pinwheel blanket.
  6. I am a continental knitter.
  7. I am too chicken to do a big project like “[I]Sunny the Puppy[/I]” toy for DS or the [I]BSJ[/I] (my kids will be too big by the time I muster up the courage).
  8. I knit when I can as when I was pregnant with DD I ended up with eczema on my hands.
  9. I enjoy reading.
  10. I like mysteries mostly, but romance novels are not my cup of tea.
  11. However, I am open to reading anything that interests me; especially, a good non-fiction.
  12. I enjoy listening to music.
  13. I listen to most genres, except hard rock and country.
  14. I can play one instrument, the flute; however, I haven’t touched it in sooooo long.
  15. I am trying to learn how to play the guitar.
  16. I have tried to learn how to play the piano on my own…. My parents would not let me learn as a child when I asked to learn.
  17. I enjoy playing sports, when I can.
  18. Ice Hockey is my favourite sport to watch.
  19. I used to a member of a field hockey team.
  20. I need to get on exercising after all this typing about sports. If only I had the energy.
  21. I have acquired a HAM radio license.
  22. I was once a cub leader to 80 children.
  23. We are looking to move in the near future.
  24. House hunting is a pain.
  25. I’m tired of saying “I”
  26. Enjoys cooking.
  27. I’ve run out of things to say about me .

Yay!!! Welcome to blogs! :yay:

Don’t be a chicken… if you can knit and purl, you can do anything else. I’ll bet that if you start something you think looks challenging, break it down into small chuncks and VOILA, you’ll be done in no time. Besides, you have all of us here to help! My first “hard” project was a felted bag, from stitch and bitch; the felting hides any mistakes, so it was a good project.

Hey, welcome to Blogland! :yay:

Yeah, seriously…don’t be afraid to try anything! The BSJ is really pretty easy as it’s all garter stitch and there is lots of help available online…even line by line help. :wink: I’ve made 3 of them now. If you use a larger needle size and worsted or larger yarn they come out big enough for your kids. Maybe too big. :teehee:

I’m not a huge fan of romance novels either. I much prefer mysteries although I don’t mind a little romance thrown into those as long as it’s not Danielle Steel-esque. Ick. I also like funny books that have simple who-done-it’s. In no particular order my favorite authors are -

Diane Mott Davidson
James Patterson
Janet Evanovich
Jodi Picoult
Christopher Moore
Robert Crais
Patricia Cornwell
Stuart Woods

A site you might like is http://www.stopyourekillingme.com/
It’s an awesome site for mystery readers. You can see the books of your favorite authors in chronological order, sort by favorite place, type of jobs you enjoy your main character to have, an “if you like X you might like Y”, and more. Check it out!

Jan, will be hailing for your help then with the BSJ, when I attempt it. :smiley: haha, i’m just plain chicken bok a bok bok

Thanks for the link. Mystery novels, I like the [I]Lincoln Rhyme[/I] series by Jeffery Deaver.

I haven’t read Jeffrey Deavers. I’ll check them out.

I know it’s scary to knit a sweater, but remember kids sweaters require no shaping and they don’t care about fit. Let them pick a color and go for it! :yay:

Welcome to blogland! :hug:

Thanks, Sandy. :hug:

Hi ya, Dangles:waving:

:waving: PurlyGyrl :slight_smile:

It’s hump day today. I am feeling the effects of it. We all woke up late today :aww: and just got DD to preschool on time. Phew.

We had a field trip on Friday at place called [I]Redwood Park[/I]. It’s forest like. The kids are learning about Emily Carr and about jungles this month. So on the forest floor they lay looking up waaaaaaaaay up. And poof they sketch what they see, just as Emily Carr did. We were lucky enough that the weather held out, but it sure was nippy as we are in the AM classes.

This Friday is “Party Day” which the kids have at the end each month. The kids will sing songs to the parents of what they had learned over the month. October is the phonetics of the alphabet in lower case, c, d, e, jungles, and Emily Carr.

I sure hope we get enough rest for this coming Saturday as we have to look half decent for family / Christmas photo cards.

Watched the American election last night. I’m glad to witness such a historic event. The speeches by both McCain and Obama were outstanding. McCain’s was good … Obama even better. All the best to you all during his term. I see many good things coming for the United States … as there will be an effect on the world as well.

I have a photo for you people =)

We’ve “Cinderella” on the left and a “Dalmatian” on the right.

I hope everyone’s weekend went well.

We had my brother’s engagement party this weekend. Organising it was a bit of a fiasco. The fiancée wanted a potluck and gifts on top. I thought that was not right (perhaps I’m old fashioned). They decided to throw it for themselves. My mum, wasn’t impressed. She did not even mention potluck to our side of the family. She cooked up and picked up some dishes on our family’s behalf.

The shindig was a semi-formal function. Little did I know that she would be all decked out in a gown!

I guess in short she’s a little on the “high maintenance” side. But I have discussed this with my baby brother (4.5 yrs btw us) and told him this isn’t a short term thing. Think long and hard before you take this step in life, as it is a life changing thing. I’m sure he has a good head on his shoulders as this girl has been dropping hints right left and centre. My brother has told me before she’s got issues to deal with. Oh joy…

Her family… well that’s another story within itself. Oddly enough, our mum and her mum had once been co-workers way back when…

Family (and significant others) can be very interesting sometimes. :teehee:

Love the photo! :heart:

Oh my goodness! Look how cute your kids are! :yay:

Even when you can choose family people often choose ones that have issues. As long as he knows the score then there isn’t anything you can do. :hug:

Cute kids. Family. Hmmm. Yeah. Good luck with that.

Kids are adorable!!! :inlove:

Will your brother be living far away??? :teehee:

:teehee: unfortunately not. :wink:

I know have a chest cold. Coughing yourself awake is not fun. At least the kids are not sick… yet.

Poor thing. Go to the doctor!