Dang camera!

I’m making Knittys “unbiased” http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTunbiased.html

but my cameral hates me!

i’m about 2/5’s of the way through assuming the strap and the finishing is about 1/5 of the work! lol

thats going to look beautiful.

i have a camera like that as well, its a relativly expensive one taht works when it wants to and looks and beeps at me when it decides it donat wana work lol

:yay: I can’t wait to see it (hopefully your camera will let us soon)…

When I get another camera I can send the 5megapixel camera I have and don’t use since I got my 7.2megapixel to you if you would like it. It requires no battery since it has an internal rechargeable battery, uses SD cards and plugs into a recharging dock you connect to the computer via USB I have all CDS that came with it and a case that came with it. I like to have a Canon for taking photos of my flowers and the 5.2 megapixel did a good job but the more megpixels the better the picture and in flowers, better is desirable. I will let you know when I get my new Canon and then I can send you the camera.

Hurry and buy a camera! I wanna see yours!

I have to wait until I get a full pay check. I started back to work today and I won’t get paid until the 29th and it will only have 2 days of work on it due to the storm that is threatening the state, they have closed the schools for Tues and Weds. I work as a school crossing guard.

wow, you are so NICE! lol it would be sweet. incidentally, I finished the knit work of the purse and have to figure a lining as I will ACTUALLY be using it. lol It’s really great though. going to try a pic again later!

After I get a full pay check ( I only get paid every two weeks) I can order my new camera and then I will send you a message requesting your address. The camera had only been used once or twice and then I got my Samsung 7.2 megapixel. I got my 39.00 use out of it ( that was what I paid for it online about a year ago.) So I would say sometime after the middle of Oct. you will have a new camera to play with.

You are seriously so sweet! I don’t know anyone even close to this nice around here! Seriously, you don’t want anything for it? What is your favorite color?

Daylilydayzed, be careful in the storm!!!

I was very careful since all we had was a little bit of wind and rain.We lost the second day of school due to the closing for the storm but went back on Wed. I did lose Friday due to Dr appoints I had over at the Tampa VA Center. I am a veteran (was in the Navy during the last years of VietnnamWar). If I have anppointment at noon or later I don’t get back home in time for the afternoon duty. So I have to make arrangements ahead of time for a substitute to take my place. I live very close to my assigned crossing and I only have to walk out my sliding door and across the back yardto the fence that seperates the school property from the houses of my neighborhood. I live on the corner of the road that goes past both the elementary school and the middle school. My crossing is a few yards from the fence.For my crossing I am allowed to have an beach umbrella for shade since there is no trees there providing shade. A year ago about this time I passed out due to heat exhaustion and deheydration. It happened after all the kids had gone so they didn’t see it.
So now I take the unbrella , an insulated bag with a zip lock baggie of ice and water and a washcloth, and a bottle of water. When I feel my face getting hot, I can wipe it with the washcloth after I have dipped it in the ice water. I also take a little battery operated fan out there with me. So I am taking precautions.
Duessa, go ahead and send me a PM with your address so I can make a file with it in it so I will have it when I need it to send you the camera. I went looking for this thread last night and couldn’t find it again. So I am glad that Puddinpop was worried about me.

My favorite color is light peach and mint green combination. Once I find the right shade of peach yarn I will knit myself a shawl using the Peacock feathers pattern by Fiddlesticks. I don’t have the pattern yet , have to wait till I get paid before I can buy it.