Dancing With the Stars - Fans, Anyone?

You know, with all I have going on with my classes, you’d think I don’t have time to watch TV, but it’s my down-time a couple of evenings a week.

Anyhow, now that I’ve justified my addiction to these shows… :teehee:

Anyone watching DWTS this week? Favs yet??

I miss Apollo from last year! And Wayne Newton…:??

Jane Seymour was graceful, Jenny Garth was a bit nervous (but I’m rooting so hard for her).

Just a few thoughts off the top of my head…

I didn’t have tv service for years. Finally got it in January and got hooked on DWTS. I don’t have any favorites this season yet. I was surprised at how well everyone did their first time out.

I am so hooked on DWTS. I think that the ladies all did fabulous and the guys better watch out! I think a gal will win this year.

I think Wayne Newton is a bit creepy. John Ratzenberger and Jerry Springer were much more charming (albeit doofy, but that’s what made them charming).

no favorites here either, though I’m looking at Jennie Garth, and Jane Seymour for the women, and that race car driver and the model for the guys.

I totally forgot about the Indy driver! What a natural talent he is!!!

I love DWTS. I’ve watched it ever season. I don’t vote but I do watch it. I have a lot of favorites at the moment. :yay:

Sabrina was awesome!

I love DWTS! It’s the only reality show I watch. Of course, I have to record it and watch it later because my dh refuses to watch.
I’m rooting for Helio. He reminds me of Apolo-
charismatic, hard working, talented, oh, and that smile…
That Sabrina girl is bit annoying… Mark Cuban will be the next to go or maybe the boxer.

I’ll watch it if it’s on and I catch it, but my sister loves it. Her hobby is ballroom dancing, so I guess she can relate.

I just wanted to comment because of Jennie Garth’s split! Wow, I thought that was really good. :shock: