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Instructions for Center Square: Pick up and p 10 sts along edge of square adjacent to right needle. Slip last picked-up st to left needle, p2tog.

On this site I watched the tut for picking up stitches knit wise, how do I do this purl wise? Does this mean that I have to purl with my left needle? I don’t know how to do that. Help?

I think if you hold the needle in the back of the work and pull the yarn through, you’ll be picking up purl-wise, since knitwise is with the needle in front.

If all of the stitches will be on my right needle how can I purl 10? Are the picked up stiches already purled or do I havc to pick it up then purl?

You just have to pull the yarn through the knitting. Put your needle through from the back, wrap, and pull it through.

You’ll have to do this along the edge that comes down from the tip of your right needle, using the right needle.

So if I’m understanding correctly, by picking up stiches purlwise I’ve picked up and purled 10 already? Then I can go ahead and turn the work?


“Pick up” and “Pick up and knit/purl” are often used interchangeably.