Damson by Ysolda

I am ready to do the edging (row 109) of this cute little shawl but I’m not certain I understand instructions: “k1, p1 twice into double yo” Does this mean knit 1, purl 1 into first yo then drop it off the needle and then do the same in the second yo?


You must have made a double yarn over in the previous row (wrapping the yarn twice around the needle). In this row you’re going to purl twice into the same yarn over. It’s a large loop so there’s plenty of room to purl front and back into the yo before you drop it off the needle.

Yes, the previous row included a dbl yo and the last row says to k1, p1 twice in the dbl yarnover. So, do I k1, p1 and drop it and then repeat inn the second yo?

Interesting. I’m confused too by your directions/question, and/but eager to know the answer.

I think you are asking…

Do you K1,P1 into first loop, then K1P1 into second loop of YO before dropping both loops off the left needle?

Or do you K1P1 into 1st loop and drop it off needle, then K1P1 into second loop and drop it off needle?

Or do you K1P1K1P1 into 1st loop of YO and then drop both loops off the needle?

And does it make a difference? i.e. Would the YO loops just straighten out, pulling through all the new stitches, creating one elongated stitch anyway?

No you’re only going to end up with 2 sts on the R needle; knit 1 into one loop of the yo, and p1 into the 2nd loop. Or drop one loop off so there’s one really large YO and k1 p1 into the big loop - which is what I think Salmonmac meant.


Why would she only end up with two sts on the right needle? Her directions were to “k1,p1 twice” which either means k1p1k1p1 (this seems to be her interpretation) or k1p1p1 depending on how she copied it so there has to be at least 4 or 3 new sts on the right needle after she works and drops the YO.

Exact directions: “*(k1, p1) twice into double yo, k1, rep from *” This makes the stitch count go from 331 sts from prev row to 547 sts after this final row. It makes a nice crochet-like edging. So, I’m guessing there will be 4 new sts on the right needle. Has anyone out there made this shawl? TeresaB

OK, “k1, p1 twice” is different from “(k1, p1) twice”. In the first case, the twice refers to the p1 and in the second, twice refers to the k1p1. So for the “*(k1, p1) twice into double yo, k1, rep from *” , you want to k1, p1, k1,p1 into the double yarn over. Again, plenty of room in this large loop.

Oh okay, that is supposed to increase then, not keep the same stitch number. So yes, kp into [I]each[/I] loop to get 4 sts.