Damn Ribbing!

I’m so frustrated! :wall:

I’m working on a scarf using Patons Divine using the scarf pattern they have on the website. It’s a beautiful scarf!!! It’s 2x2 ribbing.

I can’t for the life of me make the ribbing look good. You probably remember this is the same problem I had with an afghan I was trying to make a few weeks ago. I ended up nixing that project and took back the yarn. I’m getting big gaps when I switch from purl to knits (or was it the other way around)? :??

I’ve watched the ribbing video again and again and I’m definately putting the needle in the right spots. I guess it’s a tension thing. Will try to work on it more later.

Anyone have have such a problem with ribbing? I didn’t when I started which is why this is so confusing. :thinking:

:thinking: Maybe try wooden needles? Wood could help tighten your tension. :wink:

I’m sorry you’re still having trouble with this.

I haven’t a clue if this will make a difference, but I noticed that when I do any kind of ribbing or switching from knit to purl, I start to put the yarn over the needle before the previous stitch is even off. So when I slide the stitch off, the yarn is ready to be where it has to for the next knit/purl. I’m sure I started this as a time saving thing, it was never conscious, but by doing this I notice that my needles are never very far apart as I switch from knit to purl or vice versa. This way everything stays tight and I don’t get gaps.

As I said, I don’t know if it will make any difference, but it might be worth a shot. Also keep the stitches on your left needle bunched up. That might help to keep them close, too.

Thanks Ingrid…I seem to be doing a better job of keeping the stitches on the right and left needle closer together. I was only 3 rows in so I frogged and started over and now it’s looking quite beautiful! :cheering:

Wooden needles would be perfect though…I need to get some of those eventually.

:cheering: :cheering: