Damn... it's doing it AGAIN!

Well I’m on try #2 for DHs camo socks, and it’s doing it again. The colour in the yarn is pooling and it looks UGLY! Granted, I’ve only done about 6 or 7 rows of the ribbing, but 2 of my needles have green and olive on them, and the other 2 have the black and brown. ARGH!!! I’ve changed patterns, and changed needles. Any more suggestions? Or should I just give up making an adult pair of these and go get the danged yarn for the hockey socks?

Wouldn’t pooling be a good thing for camo socks? Maybe the pools themselves will become more random as you knit the rest of the sock? :??

Oh it just looks awful! I have a picture of the first ribbing on my blog, and nasty doesn’t even begin to describe it! I’ll have to take a pic of DSs sock for comparison, and I think you’ll understand. The yarn has four colours in it for the stripes, olive, green, brown, and black. The one I did for DS turned out very stripey and even though I can see a pattern to it, it’s a lot more random than having the colours pool.

I have quite a bit of this yarn, so I can play around with it to try different things, like double-stranding and such. But I’d rather have something I don’t need to fudge around with right now since I want these for one of DHs Xmas pressies.

I’ll have to check the blog, but most camo I’ve seen seems to have blotches of color. :thinking:

I’ll try posting a pic of the frogged ribbing. If I did it right, you’ll see how it spirals rather than striping. I’ll take a pic of DSs socks once they’re done to show the difference.

Okay, now I see what you mean. It’s striping rather than creating the blobs of color like camo. Wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t. Sorry! :frowning:

Well, I think pooling is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes it looks good, but I see what you mean.
I’ve heard it can be avoided by working with two skeins of yarn at a time, alternating rows and skeins to avoid the pooling. Might be worth a try?

I’ve heard of this for sweaters and such, and thought about it for the sock. I’m pretty sure it would work, especially if I make sure that I start the second ball in exactly the opposite part of the stripe repeat as the first ball. Since this is “just” a pair of socks, I am really too lazy to go through all that just to prevent the spiral… plus the thought of trying to remember where I am and what I’m doing while turning the heel and such with two strands of yarn on the go… :shock:
I double checked the Ram Wools site and I was wrong about the hockey socks kit… it’s not a kit after all. I would need 3 balls of yarn @ $6.15 + 14% and the leaflet for $2.00 + 14%. That’s about $23.31 for one pair of socks {with enough leftovers for a kiddy pair I think}. That’s not too bad, and it is a worsted weight wool/nylon {80/20} blend. :thinking: I just dunno what to do. :frog: the sock again for starters. :verysad:

Well I frogged the ribbing yet again. :frog: :crying: I dunno for sure what I will do now. I took some pics of Alex’ sock so you can see what a difference there is. I know I won’t get this kind of striping in an adult-sized sock {this one is a size 2-4 kids}, but I KNOW that I don’t want that ugly spirally thing either! :roflhard: