Damn Dog!

My dogs have never touched my knitting. I have left it sitting out on the coffee table while I’ve been away and they never touch it. I’ve had them all for about 4 years and they don’t bother my knitting.

Until now.

Yesterday I came home to find my entire house covered in yarn. The dog must have gotten the yarn, stuck it in her mouth, and did laps through the house. It was up the stairs, in the bathroom, the closet, the living room, the kitchen. And it wasn’t chunks of yarn she had bitten off. It was one big long strand that had been unraveled from the ball.

I know exactly which dog it was too. I have three. There is only one dog that we have that gets super excited over plush toys. She had to be the one. I suppose its time to start locking up the knitting from now on. Oddly enough though, the knitting never came off the needles. Every stitch was still intact.

I know exactly how you feel trv. My dog did the same thing, only the whole sweater I was working on was unraveled…and I only had about 10 rows to knit before it was finished!!! I now put my knitting up, even if I’m going to lay it down for a second.

Sounds like they are related to my dog! 6 yrs old, doesn’t touch my knitting - until I don’t know what gets into him, not only the knitting but anythinig not tied down is fair game for a chewing-fest!!

Oh no! Well at least your dog is okay as well as your knitting!

My friends cat nearly died recently from ingesting some yarn so it’s a good idea to keep it away from pets.

My dogs AND my cats all know not to touch mommy’s (or mawmaw’s depending on who it is) knitting or crocheting.

But, they tend to slip up now and then if I’m not around to stop them. Good thing we love them, huh?

If I had a dime for every hank of yarn I have untangled I’d be a millionaire !!
Even my old dog, who could care less about toys, was known to stag a ball of yarn (while I was working on my project) and take off down the hall with it.
Now with the young one if I set my knitting down to leave the room it goes back in the ziploc project bag and if I leave the house said bag goes in the middle of the kitchen table !

I lost a $20 skein of mohair lace yarn to my blasted basset hound 2 weeks ago. She also never touches a thing. Until that. I was so relieved that she was ok, a friend of mine lost a dog that injested yarn, that I forgot to be mad at her. You never know what will get into them…or what they’ll get into. Mine is safely stashed out of the way now.

Well, you gotta learn to laugh at it. I love my dogs too much to be mad at them…even when one of them stole a tube of orange oil paint and proceeded to eat it under my bed! But I digress.

I hope you’re over it and the dogs are OK, it’s dangerous if yarn gets stuck in their intestines.

Your story SO reminded me of a great scene from The Ugly Dachshund. Watch it on YouTube:

I thought it was just my dog. I have a long haired chihuahua that loves yarn. Only he loves the yarn that i am working with. I’ve given him ball/skeins of scrap yarn, but he has to have the yarn I am working with. The worst was the time i was knitting a wrap for my neice. I was using LB Incredible and Mohair and was about 7 skeins into the project. Can’t remember what interupted me but upon my return to the room, my hyper little dog had unraveled most of the project and was totally covered with the yarn. The more he moved the tighter it got. It took my neice and son to hold him while I cut, the yarn off him. I had to purchase more yarn and start from scratch.

Poor Trv!

I do work on dog behaviour, so you might want to try this (after a summer spent keeping every dog in my neighborhood out of my lavender) put the yarn on the coffee table and every time she approaches the table, put yourself between the dog and the table, then take a step toward her. Block her from approaching the table and the yarn. This shows her that this table is yours, the alpha’s table and she is not to go near it.

Trust me, it takes time, but if I can keep my mooky mutt out of my rose gardens and flower beds, it’s worth a try. Your other dogs will learn from her not to approach the coffee table as well.

At least she won’t be staring at you like junk food addict when you have a cookie in your hand with eyes saying “but, it’s lavender, c’mon!” like my dog did.

Oh, great.I’m assuming the yarn is no longer worthy of use?

My cat(AKA The-Anti-Christ-Himself) likes to take the whole skein in his mouth and start running with it.He’s VERY jealous so he likes to interrupt my life when it’s not directly focused on him.He even climbs me(like some sort of tree) when I’m on the phone, just to meow in anger at whatever is coming out of the speaker end of the phone.When I knit on DPNs, he comes through the little hole in the middle and sleeps in them like I wasn’t very obviously busy with them.Just NOW he sat on my face because I’m on the computer;which,again, qualifies as not paying direct attention to him. The other day he learned how the light switch works and so he now interrupts dinner that way.If he was an ex boyfriend, I would have filed a restraining order…but he’s a cat so he gets away with it :3

Well, with 5 cats and 2 dogs I have been fortunate enough to not have any of them get into my yarn, but, I have one bastard cat who one day decided it would be just AWESOME to pee on a stash of my yarn! :grrr: To top it off, the yarn was put away in one of those Tupperware containers with 3 drawers…She peed on top if it and it ended up, somehow, seeping into the drawers…:!!!:

The yarn is actually still in decent condition. She didn’t really chew it. She just ran with it. Like stuck it in her mouth and went for a job around the house.

I have one who does that type of thing too. Couldn’t you just strangle it? I caught mine this morning peeing on a sheet that my daughter took out of the dryer and didn’t fold and put away. (and it’s her damn cat who does it!!!)


One of my old roomates used to have a cat that hated me and would pee on my bed every chance it got.

You win. That’s horrible!

When my daughter was living here her cat learned how to open the bedroom door so there was no putting her in there to keep her out of whatever. We had to put one of those hook locks on it. Cats.:doh: Dogs.:doh:

Ah…been there :D…done that :wink:

Yeah, it got to the point where we had to cover our bed with a shower liner 'cause that same butthead cat would poop on our bed! We wanted to close the door but we had one cat that hid under the bed alll the time and getting her out from under it was impossible…Sadly, that cat died (she was such a good cat too) and then we took the bed off the frame so no cats could get under the bed and now we close the door. We have to keep my son’s bedroom door closed too 'cause she’ll poop on his bed…Well, his comforter, rather…One day my son had his comforter on the couch and Betty, the butthead pooped on his comforter while it was on the couch! I guess she doesn’t like Spiderman :teehee: So yeah, no more comforter on the couch either…I swear, the only thing that saves that cat is she’s SO incredibly cute and SWEET! I think the only reason she is as sweet as she is is because she knows she’s BAD! lol

Arielluria, those pics are TOO cute…and funny!! They’re like, what, we’re jes’ playin’!

Here’s my jerk cat, Betty…lol

The pictures are precious! Thanks for a sick day pick me up. :stuck_out_tongue: