Daisy stuff

I was looking around for a tea cozy pattern for my sister in law and one thing lead to another. Now I am interested in this pattern book by Bernat for Daisy stuff for the kitchen. It had placemats, a tea cozy and some other neat lookin stuff. Has anyone seen this book or used any of the patterns. I was unsure if it was crochet or if it was knit.

Sooo anyone seen the book or have any cool daisy inspired kitchen patterns (or even a tea cozy pattern?).

Thanks in advance for any help. Sorry if this post rambled lol

I have that pattern book, and if I remember correctly, it is all knit… mostly seed stitch. I don’t know if I’ve used any of the patterns or not… I suffer from terminal PAS! :oops: :roflhard:

Great news! Thanks a bunch =) Now I just need to track it down.
Thanks again!

You are very welcome!