Daisy Stitch

I have a question about the Daisy Stitch. I really need help!!!

This one? http://www.knittingonthenet.com/stitches/daisy.htm

What’s the question? It’s a cute stitch, but a bit of a pain to execute.


Leah sent me the stitch she’s having problems with - it’s not what I know as Daisy stitch. Here’s what she’s working with:

Put the point of right-hand needle into the 3rd st from beg in row 1 and draw through a loop, leave loop on right-hand needle and k 2, make second loop into sam st, k 3, make third loop into same st, k 5

I’m just as confused as she is - can anyone elucidate? Working through, I can get to the second loop, then I lose the thread of what the directions are asking - are you supposed to knit the three stitches following your loop stitch?

And I thought the regular daisy stitch was a pain!