Daisy Stitch Washcloth

My latest…love the stitch. Fast, easy and pretty too!


simple, and beautiful.

I clicked on your link, now I’m inspired to use up all the cotton I have in my stash. Thanks!

Thank you! I am very much a “washcloth - aholic”! They are fast, easy to knit and can try so many different patterns and they make wonderful gifts…perfect all around! Glad you liked it!

Lovely work and a pretty pattern.

Thanks, I’m really happy with how they turned out! I’ve gotta get busy, time for holidays gifts coming up soon!

I really like these. I just spent a bundle on yarn but I’m thinking I will need to add some cottons and make some of these. They look like they would exfoliate really well too.

Beautiful. Nice picture, too!

Do it…very easy and quick to knit up. I don’t know how well they would exfoliate, the cotton is very soft and absorbent. I use them mostly in the kitchen but give em a try and let me know! Thanks for the idea!

These are stunningly beautiful and bring a whole new category to the term washcloth! Love them!

:cheering: :muah:

I used to scoff at the mere thought of knitting or crocheting wash cloths.

now I see them as little works of art. I can test interesting patterns with them, and they work really well.

just like socks, I have discovered the joy and beauty in not just making them, but using them.

Thank you for the pattern and video. I love the look of these cloths.

I’m the same way! Such a quick knit, I love to experiment with them!

I’m the same way! They are such a quick knit, perfect for experiments!

You’re so welcome, I’m glad you liked them! I’m really pleased with how they turned out…perfect for gifts!