Dahlia KAL

Hi, does anyone want to knit Dahlia with me? I fell in love with it when the issue came out and I received yarn to make it in for christmas…and I’m all ready to start! This will be my first real fitted piece so I’m being really careful and knitted some swatches. I’m using Knitpicks Main Line in Wedgewood which is a really lovely blue. It’s so soft and lightweight. I’m making the size small and using the suggested needle size to start. So join along =)

I fell in love with the pattern too when I saw it! Very beautiful. :slight_smile:

I wish I could join you, but I am currently working on other projects. I did receive a gift card to my favorite yarn shop this Christmas and would love to join you once I buy the yarn. I am thinking about buying Cascade 220 (yarn suggested) in a teal color maybe… Well, keep us updated and I’ll join you when possible!

I would love to join but I am a VERY slow knitter due to a rheumatoid condition:aww: I’d feel bad for little progress pics so I wouldnt feel right joining but the shirt is adorable:wink:

This pattern is quite tricky, I keep recasting on. I must practice the stitches it uses throughout or I’ll keep frogging when I get to a part I’m having trouble with!

knitwit, oh teal would look so nice =) join whenever you can.

KnitPixie, It’s okay this is going to go real slow for me too. I keep thinking about the song Hey There Dahlia, in the chorus when it says “It’s what you do to me”…driving me crazy that’s what.

I love that song and the shirt lol although I think her name may be Delilah not Dahlia but who cares:teehee: Maybe I will join in but I warn you it took me a month off and on to knit a pair of worsted socks:/

I love that song and the shirt lol although I think the name in the song was delilah not dahlia but who cares anyway right?!:teehee: I may join you but when I say slow I mean like a turtle, it took me two months off and on to knit a pair of worsted weight socks:/

Don’t feel bad! I am still knitting my first pair of socks and I’ve been working on them since July. :teehee: But I have been super busy and made a mistake when grafting my second sock… so they are on hold right now.

Yep, I have blue eyes so teal looks really pretty on me :). I hope knitting the shirt goes well for me once I start it, since I haven’t knitted a shirt before. This will definitely be a challenge!

No wonder I couldn’t find the song on itunes…been spelling it wrong :doh:

Well socks are hard…I should know, I’ve been knitting the heel flap for quite sometime too on the one’s I’m making.

We can face this challenge together then…it’ll be a load of firsts.

If it helps the song is called “Hey there Delilah” by the Plain White Tees:thumbsup:
Umm …I will have to think on it a lil more but I think I may join you on this knit along since it will be alot of firsts for all of us;)

hmm… now that I think about it Cascade 220 might not be such a great idea. I would like to wear this shirt in the summer too, and it can be very hot and humid where I live. So, 100% wool may not be such a great idea. And I would like to buy a machine washable yarn, if possible. Whenever I decide to buy yarn for this project I think I’ll ask my LYS to recommend a different yarn for around the same price. A soft cotton maybe? And in the winter I can just layer a t-shirt underneath when it gets cold.

This is super cute! My daughter would look adorable in it. Hmmmm…I have some pretty purple cotton that would work great…I may just jump aboard this KAL…although I have to finish up a couple things first. I should be ready to go after the 1st. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! I’m thinking about joining as well, but since I live in Florida - wool will not work for me. :fingerwag: Do you think a worsted weight cotton would work?

Also, I am fairly new to knitting, so this would be my first KAL, first sweater, first knitting in the round…hmmm, maybe I should think about this a little more. :slight_smile:

Yes cotton would work lovely for this everyone!

The yarn I’m using its 75% cotton and 25% wool. It’ll be perfect for spring and summer. It’s a hand wash only yarn though, but I’m willing to take care of it. Wouldn’t want the washing machine to eat it :teehee:

You’re right about layering knitwit. I think I would do that and wear a tank under it like in the second picture.


Your Welcome:wink:

I’m going to use Cascade Luna in Pink for this. I showed my daughter a picture of it and she loved it. Pink is her color. :slight_smile:

Ok, so I cast on for this project, and already have a question…:aww: In row 2, it says to “K to marker, RLI, slip marker, LLI” Does that mean that I’m supposed to make both increases into the same under-stitch? If I do that, it makes a hole underneath. :??

Oh, and by the way I’m using Lily Sugar’n Cream in Yellow and my new (Christmas present) KP options in the recommended size. :thumbsup:

I think the pattern describes the increases strange. It says to pick up the stitch below but it’s really supposed to be the “leg” I think. Here’s a site that displays it better here.
otherwise it would seem to be wrong :??

I did think I did it wrong too but it’s looks like a cross stitch with it very ugly. :eyes: good luck I don’t know about you but I think this pattern is quite hard with it’s fancy increases and m1’s off the cast on edge…off to try again.

Thanks so much for the link. After watching the little animation, I noticed that the Dahlia instructions specify to “pick up the stitch [B]2[/B] rows below the last stitch on the right needle.” The Domiknitrix just shows her going one row below… Maybe that’s why it seems to pull so much.

I have been knitting into the back of the stitch, as that seems to be how the stitch naturally falls, and I think is also what the Domiknitrix link shows. Is that what you’re doing?

I agree - this is harder than I thought it would be too. So glad that we have a group to work with! :grphug: