Dahlia baby blanket

This is some kind of record for me, I finished this blanket in 2 weeks! :slight_smile:

The pattern is here and I used the yarn called for, though in a slightly different colorway.

beautiful! I love the colorway!!

Thanks! It’s not exactly a traditional ‘baby’ colorway, but I think I like it better because of that.

Oh, Carey, I love it. It’s so pretty! And good job on the 2 weeks - I’m almost finished the baby blanket I started 2 years ago. :teehee:

Beautiful beautiful blanket! Great job!!!

Beautiful :slight_smile:

That is beautiful.


:inlove: very pretty!

Very pretty! :slight_smile:

Great job. My brain refuses to function when it comes to blankets and such. Any other project, even a boring one, I can finish. I have about 5 or so inches done on my afghan, and I just can’t get back to it.

Maybe because this is in the round and requires you to do something at each stitch marker, but I didn’t have that problem with this blanket. It was a really quick knit, too, so that helped. :slight_smile:

[B]OH WOW!!! :passedout:[/B]

How interesting!

I love it! :heart:

Gorgeous blanket :slight_smile:


That is absolutely gorgeous! :hug:

Thanks for all the kind words! :slight_smile:

Beautiful blanket. That is such an interesting shape and I love the color. Nicely done!

Very very beautiful!!! :heart: Thanks for the link, too! :thumbsup:

I love the colors. Great work =)