Dagnabbit! (Moda Dea Beloved)

Did Moda Dea discontinue their Beloved yarn? I’m in need of 3 balls of turquoise and I can’t find it anywhere local anymore. :crying:

I have a half-finished baby blanket that uses a pattern from a book with swatch patterns, not a full blanket pattern, so I had to guess how much yarn I would need. Obviously I underestimated the amount. :oops: I guess it’s time for me to search the Bay of Evil or for an online shop that still has it in stock…

::: off to mope now :::


It isn’t anywhere I can easily find on their website, so I’d assume it’s been discontinued. The Ebay listings I find on Google also tell me that it’s been discontinued. Good luck finding someone who has some - you could always ask around your LYS, maybe someone has some in their stash they’d be willing to part with.

Hi Debi,

A shop here in BC has gone out of business and if you still need I can get you wool your looking for (they probably have about 20 plus balls of this wool)…I’m making my grandson a sweater with it so I will pick up some extra balls and await you reply

Pam :happydance:

Oooh, thanks so much! I kind of lost hope on this blanket but maybe not all is lost. :slight_smile: I sent you a PM.


Hi, Just to let you know that I am selling Moda Dea Beloved on e-bay in my store - Designer Knits and Crafts and I do have turquoise. Let me know if you still want this yarn.

Best regards