Daft Hands

It’s a bit confusing through the first minute until the lyrics start. Kid’s very well coordinated. He’s doing Daft Punk - “Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger”

[youtube=“K2cYWfq–Nw”]Daft Hands[/youtube]

I had to watch it twice, to understand what was being said. Then I made my 2 kids watch it. They thought it was great. They watch a lot of You-tube. They had never seen this one before.

Very cute.and a lot of practice.

Great way to do hand exorcises for getting ready to knit.:happydance:


Very clever! I was impressed.

Mesmerizing. I got totally sucked in and had to see just how fast they could do it.

It will be a crying shame if someone doesn’t teach that lad how to knit.

He’d make mincemeat of a Continental Purl!:rofling:



wow. he definanty should learn to knit :slight_smile: