Daelyn pullerover by isabell kraemer

Hello, is anyone familiar with[B][I] Daelyn Pulloverby Isabell Kraemer[/I][/B]? I don’t know how to post a link here, sorry. I’d like to change the neckline and sleeves as seen in [B][I]Svipser’s Weathered Wood[/I][/B] as seen on RAV site. I did email the woman who made the above mentioned sweater and she no long has the directions for how she did the garter-stitch cowl with buttons and the sleeves are the same also with buttons. Does anyone know a resource where I might find directions on how to do this?

Thanking you in advance, Kay

I couldn’t find the svipser’s but I did see the Daelyn sweater.

I think it might help to search for a pattern with the hood that you want and then try to modify the Daelyn from there. Even the sleeves may be easier to make once you can get the hood.

I didn’t think of that! I’ll start a search for hooded sweaters. Thank you!