Dad's socks are done!

I posted these socks in Knit-alongs but thought that I should posted them here too.

The yarn is KP’s Memories in Yukon, on US 3 needles. I used less than two hanks of yarn for the socks, I probably have enought for a pair of baby socks.

Very nice and dad is going to love them!

Oooh pretty pretty! Great job, and nice colors for “dad socks” :thumbsup:

Very nice!

I like that colorway – very masculine. You did a great job on them. He’s going to love them.

Great dad colors. I’m sure he’ll like them.

they’re awesome. i agree with basically everyone else- great dad colors.

Thanks everyone. I really enjoyed knitting these socks. This is the first pair i knit for someone else. I don’t like to knit for other people, because I have in the past and I haven’t seen them use the things i knit for them. It makes you sad, because you put so much love and time into them. But I know my dad will enjoy the socks. I plan knitting him two more pairs soon, for his birthday and Christmas.

Love your socks! Thanks for putting them here so I didn’t miss them. I’m glad you’re making things for your dad. Even if he never wore them I’m still sure he would be proud of them and happy about the love they represent.