Dachsund coat

Has anyone ever made this?


I’m wishing I had a picture!

My parents have two sweet dachshunds, and I’d love to make coats for them!

I wish they had a picture too. My aunt had asked me to knit a sweater for her’s, but she never got around to emailing me the measurements so I never made it.

I knitted 6 teckel (dachshund) sweaters back in 1986. I will have to search for the pattern (assuming I had one). I KNOW that I did all on round needles, and that the front sleeves were a design challenge. I’ll check.


I was browsing through a knitting book the other day and happened upon a dog coat pattern. Oddly enough - a dachshund was modeling it. It is argyle, too! I don’t think I can attach the pattern here. However, if you will e-mail me, I can send it to you in the form of a PDF.
You could always make them for NEXT year!