Cyndi is making bags!

I have enjoyed reading some of your blog posts with your lists of 100 things about yourself and I had to make one. It was fun!

  1. I go by Cynthia at work and Cyndi everywhere else.

  2. My middle name is Ann. Kinda boring.

  3. I was supposed to be born on Christmas but lucked out and came on New Years Day. I love it and I hate it.

  4. My favorite color is red. I LOVE red!

  5. I don’t like blue much. It’s my least favorite color.

  6. I was a redhead for a long time but my hair was (naturally) sort of going blond for a few years until I had my daughter. Now it gets darker auburn every day.

  7. I’m the oldest of four kids.

  8. I’m the only one of my sibs and both parents without blue eyes.

  9. I am also the oldest among all my cousins.

  10. I’m not bossy. I’m supposed to be bossy because I’m the oldest.

  11. I have one daughter, Julianne, who will be 15 in May. She is my favorite thing.

  12. I have a little, fuzzy, gray llasa-poo, Abby, who turned 6 in January. She’s my baby.

  13. Julianne was Miss Missouri Junior National Teenager last year.

  14. I’m not proud or anything but she also models a little and is on pages 107 and 111 of the current St. Louis Bride magazine.

  15. My next favorite thing is books. I love to read. I will read almost anything but I love mysteries the most.

  16. My favorite authors are Agatha Christie, **** Francis, and Sue Grafton.

  17. I read the entire Sherlock Holmes collection in a couple of nights last summer.

  18. My favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls. I miss it!

  19. I have four of seven Gilmore Girls seasons on DVD. Julianne & I watched season 5 the last couple of nights on her laptop in my bed.

  20. I love chick flicks.

  21. I’m sort of obsessed with everything to do with the whole English tea ritual.

  22. The top shelf of my pantry is piled and crammed tightly with all tea and coffee. Mostly tea.

  23. I collect teacups.

  24. Nobody ever buys me teacups.

  25. I can almost quote the whole movie The Jerk.

  26. I’m a Christian.

  27. I went to a Southwest Baptist University for 2 1/2 years but have no degree.

  28. I am extremely hard-of-hearing. Have been since I was very young. I knew I needed hearing aids in middle school but I didn’t know I was missing anything and didn’t want one. I found out, though, a couple of years ago that I am really, really, [I]reeeeeeeeeeally[/I] bad about ignoring people and never understood why folks at work were always mad at me. I don’t know how hard it is to say someone’s name before you launch into a conversation, but whatever.

  29. I got a hearing aid when I was 38. I only wear it when I have to be able to get along with folks–mostly at work. I’m so afraid of wearing it out and not being able to replace it.

  30. I can’t sing. It’s bad. Real bad.

  31. I played a trumpet for six weeks in middle school. The band teacher finally kicked me out. It was bad. Real bad.

  32. I love counted cross-stitch. I learned it in middle school in the 4-H club.

  33. I also learned to sew in 4-H and then more in Home Ec class.

  34. My parents split up when I was going into 6th grade.

  35. My mom moved us into a mobile home that my grandparents put in for us on their property in Ironton, MO.

  36. I have also lived in Port St. Lucie, FL and Princeton, NJ and Roxboro, NC.

  37. I was engaged once for 14 months.

  38. I am way too independent for my own good. Ask the ex-fiance.

  39. Julianne wants to sing Miss Independent at my wedding. If I ever have one. Neither of us is holding our breath.

  40. I am still very much looking forward to meeting someone and starting a family. I want the whole picket fence American dream thing.

  41. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 22. Nobody would teach me until I bought my own car.

  42. I was extremely shy in school. I never talked. I have never met anyone ever as shy and quiet as I was.

  43. My friends now think I lie about #42. “You’ll talk to a tree.”

  44. I love running into folks from high school because it’s fun to see their faces when I TALK! After 23 years they are still shocked.

  45. I have always been independent. Why, I even went to my proms alone. I was too shy for anyone to ask out but I was not going to miss my proms! Even now I will go to a movie by myself if I want to see something.

  46. I call my computer Sven.

  47. I love Sven.

  48. Sven & I have a wonderful relationship. We never get tired of each other. We play Sims for hours and we play Poppit and Mah-Jong and card games and we make things in Print Shop just because it’s fun.

  49. My favorite computer card game is Spite & Malice.

  50. I have a single mom board at yuku.

  51. I don’t fit in well on most mommy boards (I work and I don’t coddle) and usually drop off of them after a short time–before I open my mouth too many times and hurt feelings.

  52. My first post on one mommy board was in a thread entitled, “Need recipes for a two-year-old”. I was the first reply and I said that I don’t follow a recipe exactly, but I like to marinate the two-year-old in some white white and olive oil and then place him under a broiler. That went over real well.

  53. I just learned to knit this winter from my mom. I have been asking her to teach me for years but she didn’t do it until she saw me buy the “I taught myself knitting” kit at Wal-Mart!

  54. The first project I started was a cranberry Wool Of The Andes knitting bag that I am still working on. It’s HUGE. I plan to felt it and then hand-felt a design on it.

  55. I also have a much smaller bag (but not small) on another set of needles. I want to felt it, too. It is Lion Wool in Autumn Sunset.

  56. I knitted a whole skein onto each bag yesterday. I felt so productive!

  57. The first project that I finished was a scarf for Julianne made of Chocolate Mint Peaches & Cream yarn. It’s long, all knit stitches, and fringed.

  58. I have Lion Wool in four colors that I want to make myself a hat/scarf/mitten set out of for next year.

  59. My three coats are red, black, and brown so my Lion Wool for my set is black, red, brown, and winter white. I figured I couldn’t go wrong combining those colors!

  60. I used to have a shih-tzu named Katie.

  61. Katie was my first dog and I had never trained one before and I worked two jobs back then and never got her housebroken. Katie has lived with my cousin’s stop-mother-in-law since Christmas 2000 and has not had one accident!

  62. Oddly, Katie & Abby have the same birthday! Not the same year.

  63. For Abby’s fourth birthday we had a sleepover. Abby’s favorites of Julianne’s friends came over with gifts for her. We ate pizza on frisbees from PetSmart that doubled as party favors.

  64. Abby is a people person. She does not care for animals at all. Any of them…I don’t know how that’s a fact about me.

  65. I love soda. I drink colas way too much. I’m trying to cut back.

  66. I avoid artificial sweeteners so I don’t like diet drinks.

  67. I was the fifth baby born in '67.

  68. I like coffee and I love tea but they make me crave soda.

  69. Since about Thanksgiving I eat cottage cheese almost every day. Suddenly I can’t get enough of it. If there is none in the house it’s all I can think about. I didn’t even know I liked the stuff!

  70. I am a Southern Living at HOME consultant.

  71. I used to be a Tupperware lady. I have TONS of Tupperware.

  72. I have read a lot in the last few years about the chemicals in plastic and I’m purging it from my kitchen. Last week I threw out three big trashbags full of plastic from my kitchen. I didn’t tell anyone until after the trash ran.

  73. I have had a lot of jobs over the years. Mostly I’ve been an administrative assistant but have had many odd jobs in between office jobs or as a second job. I have been a tour guide at Busch Stadium, a cocktail waitress, and a concierge.

  74. I love my baseball Cardinals almost more than life.

  75. I eat too much chocolate.

  76. Lately I eat more dark chocolate than any other kind and everyone buys me dark chocolate when they buy me gifts.

  77. I hate white chocolate.

  78. I eat a lot of fish. I love fish.

  79. I love salads, too, but hate iceberg lettuce.

  80. I’m a natural fibers [B]freak[/B].

  81. Cashmere is proof that God loves me.

  82. My favorite clothes are flannel pajamas and that’s all I wear at home.

  83. I like socks a lot. I’m always sock-footed. Even in summer.

  84. I’m always cold.

  85. I graduated in '85.

  86. Dogs are my favorite animals.

  87. I told Julianne that I’m going to get a show dog after she leaves home to keep me busy on weekends. It’s not realistic but it’s fun to talk about.

  88. I’m completely fascinated with Scotland.

  89. I was a travel agent for a long time.

  90. I’m very much turned off by men who are picky eaters. It’s my quirk.

  91. I also don’t like when they are apathetic–don’t watch the news or read the paper and have no opinions.

  92. I tried knitting with looms. It was fast but I didn’t like the look of the stitches.

  93. This is #93. I had my daughter in '93.

  94. I eat cottage cheese with salsa for lunch most days. At least it’s good for me!

  95. I love Middle Eastern food.

  96. The food I crave most frequently is Mexican.

  97. Autumn is my favorite season.

  98. I love to grow heirloom vegetables.

  99. I also love to grow flowers and prefer English cottage ones.

  100. I’m odd because I don’t love the beach. It’s beautiful but I don’t like quite that much sun and have never loved the water.

I just noticed that the obscenity filter thing changed the name of one of my authors!

I got my Ravelry invitation today. Just finished inventorying my stash for it. Anybody wanna guess how many skeins of Cranberry Wool Of The Andes I have?

I have two bags on my needles but I can’t stop there! I dug my favorite old teacup sweater out of the closet and found that a mouse had eaten a hole in it. I’m going to felt it and make it into a bag when I’m finished with the other two. Here’s what it looks like now. My memory card is funny and the color looks dark (plus it’s dirty).

This is Abby.

There are a lot of pictures of both my girls on my blog. I’m a picture glutton.

This is Julianne with too much makeup on (on her way home from modeling prom dresses for our newspaper).

This is me at my 40th birthday party last year.

I got up early this morning hell-bent to finish a sock today. I have four skeins of cheap acrylic sport-weight yarn in different colors just for practicing socks so I can save my good wool sock yarn for The Real Thing. I got out my I Can’t Believe I’m Knitting Socks book, my size 3 DPN’s, and a skein of pink baby yarn (that feels yucky to me). I have started ribbing the cuff four times! The last time one needle fell out I wound the yarn back up and got out a skein of yarn that I already love and was saving for a winter set for next year but I can get more. Several inches into it I haven’t messed up yet. Check back when I’ve worked on the heel! It’s Knitpicks Shamrock yarn in the Doyle color and is way too bulky for socks. I won’t be able to wear them with shoes. I’m making the biggest size in the pattern and using size 5 needles now so they are going to be huge, but they’re already my favorite socks! I love the bulky-tweedy-wooliness of them and the color. They might need to be felted a little. I’m a felting fiend anyway! They will be warm!

Hi Cyndi!
I read you actual blog a bit and now I found you on here. I am also a part of the Any Sock KAL so I saw you on there too.
Socks are so much fun, but your first pair is always tricky. Are you using a specific pattern? Silver’s sock class found here is really good and you can use it for any weight of yarn.
Oh- and I don’t think your middle name is boring- That’s my first name, I have had to deal with it for 22 years!

:yay: I found you…first I clicked the blog in your sig and couldn’t find any mention of socks…and the last post was in Feb…:rofl:

I’m glad your finding your way with the thicker socks…the dpns just take time getting used to…I make thick socks from thispattern…they are so warm to wear and everyone asks for another pair for Christmas…:happydance: can’t wait to see them…

Thank you for reminding me to update! I don’t have internet at home. Julianne has a school-issued laptop and we can get on the school network if we sit in the right spots in our bedrooms. It’s very restricted. I can get here but not on Ravelry or on any blogs or photo-hosting sites or most other message boards. It’s weird to read other threads here because I can’t click a link to a blog and I can only see pictures that are uploaded directly here. The library is at the end of our block next to the school and I can do stuff there that I can’t do at home but it’s just not comfortable. I can’t lounge in my jammies and drink coffee and stop to knit awhile. I do it a couple of times a week but don’t seem to stay long enough to blog. I am determined to do it this week!

I frogged my bulky socks. I might do them again as slipppers after I have some practice. Then I found a skein of Knitpick’s Telemark and put my Nena Galati video in but cast on the number of stitches from another pattern. I just started this morning but they are oging really well. I am going to finish them if it kills me. The color is Cilantro Heather. It’s gorgeous! I am so excited! I was looking around Nena’s website ( and must have expressed interest in a knitting club. She just called me! I felt like Elvis was on the phone! I bought her video before I found this site and I received this week the CD with all of the videos from here on it. It’s awesome. I would think Amy was Elvis, too, if she called! I like Nena’s for socks because she walks you through the whole thing start to finish and makes it so look so easy. She convinced me that I do need to use actual sock yarn and not just any pretty stuff. I told her I was trying to save my sock yarn (the “good stuff”) for when I was better at the process.

My pattern is the one that came with Knitting Korner’s Sock 1 DVD. I lost the written instructions but she’s sending another. I bought it from Knitpicks but there’s a ton of different DVDs on the Knitting Korner website. I want more! This one is so helpful. Trying to learn from written instructions just wasn’t working for me.

That must be frustrating not having internet at home! As I type this I am sitting in my jammies with coffee next to me and I can’t imagine having to get dressed and go to the library. It’s nice that they have it though!

Our library down the street is a technology library which means it’s full of computers and very few books. I put them on hold online and have them sent there to pick up. It works great for me!

I discovered on my vacation that I just don’t seem to be able to wear hand knit socks. :pout: My feet are just too wide and the socks too thick. I’ll just have to have lots of house socks. :thumbsup:

It’s so frustrating to be on the school network! If I don’t comment on your pictures it’s because I can’t see them! I can’t see anything on a photo-hosting site or You-Tube or most blogs. Grrrrrrr! When school is out in a few weeks and Julianne turns her laptop in I’m sunk! I really need to figure out my internet situation here. I have an awesome computer and really should have it online.

My mom spent the day with me today. She brought me sock point protectors and sweater DPN holders. They’re sooooooo cuuuuuuuute!!! And she brought circular point protectors. That’s cool!

I have been working on my two bags a lot the last couple of days. I’m anxious to get them done so I can use them and free up my needles and feel like I have accomplished something. FOr the big one I want to buy handles but I am making the handles for the other. I was knitting them but I got out my Knifty Knitter Spool Loom and am knocking them out real quickly. I would like to reinforce the handles, though, so they’re stronger. Gotta think about what to do about that.

I enjoyed reading your KH blog, Cyndi! :hug:

THank you!

Yesterday and today I have been concentrating on rectangles for the wounded soldiers afghan and squares for another one. They both have ot be acrylic so I went through my stash to see what was there that I could use. I put all of the acrylic yarn (there isn’t much) in a separate box to make it easier. When I get some of these made I’m going to finish my bags. The smaller one is almost done. I also want to make teeny tiny little purses that I can felt and make teeny tinier. If anyone knows a pattern for them holler. I messed around trying to make one up a few nights ago. I need to get smaller needles and concentrate a little better. I want to make them because I thought they would be cute and fun to decorate with different yarns and beads. They would be a good way to use up scrap wool. I made for Julianne a jewelry-making kit for her birthday (15 next Saturday) and thought they would be cool to put jewelry in to give as gifts. After she gets her kit I’ll run the idea past her.