Cybertot help

Hi! I’m new to the forums (other than a bit of lurking) but I’m a huge fan of KN’s help videos. I’m a visual learner and these vids have made knitting so much easier.

But I have a new problem, I would absolutely LOVE to make one of the cybertot dolls featured on the KN Free Patterns page for my little girl. Unfortunately the links are broken. :frowning: I have googled the entire internet but I can’t find a copy anywhere. Does anyone have this pattern by chance? :pray:

Please help out a noob! I’ll be nice and bake you a cake. I’ll love you for forever. I’ll dance at your wedding! Please! It’s driving me insane!

Sometimes patterns that were free become unavailable. I found this link and thought I had scored until I tried to link to the doll pattern and it didn’t work, either.

Yeah, I found that link, too. I was mainly wondering if anyone had printed out the pattern or had otherwise copied it and would be willing to slip me a copy.