Cyber virgin/knitting veteran looking for pattern

I’m new to the daunting world of web-forums and such, and would really just like to know where to go to find an old pattern. It was a full-sized chart that did NOT (grr!) come with a copy of the 1987 Holiday Vogue Knitting for an oversized cricket motif pullover. Any advice, kind remarks, etc. greatly appreciated.


You will prolly have to find a copy of the 1987 Magazine…I looked on ebay and found 2…:thumbsup:

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Pearlofgreatprice -go to ->type in “scholar” ->go to the entry saying ‘google scholar’ and click on the “books” option -> search for the entry that you want to.
Google scholar has scanned some magazines/books onto the net. This may have the magazine issue and page number that you wish. Also, you can view the magazine for free in a lot of cases!

Good luck!

Phoenix, what an awesome resource! I didn’t know about that, thanks!

Thanks, folks, but the pattern chart DID NOT come with the magazine. I have the magazine. Sorry I didn’t make this clearer, but you had to send a SASE to Vogue Knitting in 1987 to get the chart. I tried several times over the years just to see if I could find a sympathetic soul, but have come back sorrowful and empty-handed everytime. That’s why I tried this website, hoping against hope that someone, somewhere would know someone who…

Do you know the name of the pattern? It might be easier to search if you had a pattern name.

Have you looked through these? Maybe write to Vogue?

Thanks, Ingrid, but I’ve been to that link, and I’ve written, called, and e-mailed Vogue Knitting magazine, all to no avail. The sweater was #15 in the 1987 Vogue Knitting Holiday issue. The description was “Man’s or woman’s oversized cricket player motif pullover knit in two pieces with dolman sleeves and round neck by Amy Hamilton.” Then it says in the pattern under materials : “To receive full size charts [THIS IS THE PART I NEED] send name and address to Vogue Knitting, Dept. AUST, 161 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10013.” I’ve sent, many times, with no response. I’ve Googled. I’ve searched. I found a link to a chat that said someone had it and would send it, but it was an archive, and over ten years old. I wrote to that individuals e-mail, and it bounced. I’m pulling my hair out here! So I figure I’ll just put it out all over the net that I want this and SOMEONE, SOMEDAY will have it and find me. Sigh… Thanks though.

If there is a clear photo of the motif in the magazine you might be able to scan it, enlarge it and transfer the image to knitter’s graph paper. I know this sounds like a desperation tactic, but you sound desperate.

Another tactic: Google “cricket player image” (without the quotes) or hunt through archives of clip art on the Web. There have got to be simple silhouettes of cricket players that you could use to make a chart.

Can you scan the pic of the sweater and post it here? If we can see it we might be able to help more.