Cutting down the clutter

:???: I thought that I would cut down the clutter and go digital with some knitting magazine subscriptions. I also should say that since I got and iPad for a christmas just over a year ago my PC is lonely. I still use it but my iPad is awesome except for Zinio magazines. I had a hard copy to Knitter’s Magazine but went digital for space and easier use with my iPad. BUT THEIR PROGRAM FOR THE IPAD ISN’T PRINTER FRIENDLY. I can print just the pages that
I want from any other magazine that is digital except for theirs. They should get with the new era and make it printer friendly!!! I get Knitters from the UK and Creative Knitting, both digital and very printer friendly. Why can’t they get on board and make their iPad application printer friendly. On my regular PC it even makes the printer shoot one blank page before printing the page or pages that I want. For each page that I want it us blank page then printed etc. I really hate it. Anyone else have the same problem?:???:

I love my iPad! My computer has gotten lonely, too. :lol:

I get a few magazines, but not knitting ones. I should look into that. I rarely make a pattern from them, but do love to read them. That’s good to know though. I ended up deleting Zinio. :shifty:

I gave up renewing all my knitting subscriptions. They are an expensive “look book”. And when I analyzed my knitting, I knit mostly from patterns available via pdf.

I’ve saved all my pdfs into my Google Drive, and I thing your ipad has a Cloud drive for that as well.

I used to subscribe to a knitters magazine that used Zinio. Even for a PC, it was an annoying piece of work.
I remember struggling with it. I didn’t renew that online magazine either. I think it was the Verena magazine.

I’ve seen several mainstream knitting magazines that offer the digital thing now…but I haven’t sprung for cash for them either. I’d rather see what Twist Collective and Brooklyn Tweed put forth in each of their editions that come out several times a year. Then I just pay for the pdfs that interest me. I also like the convenience of printing the pdfs, or just knit from my Google Drive…and just print the charts.

Do I pay more per year by purchasing single pdfs? I don’t think so. I was subscribing to 3-4 mainstream magazines per year. That was hundreds of dollars I think. About $50 per year per subscription, isn’t it? I blanked it out now!

I still get a paper version of Interweave Knits. Even if I don’t make anything from it it’s still pretty cheap entertainment 4 times a year.

We get a few other mags -Time, Scientific American, NatGeo and Readers Digest. I recently changed the RD to digital version. The others we’ll keep as paper since DH reads them more.

I think I received the last issue of my Interweave Knits subscription recently. It’s my favorite knitting magazine.

DH and I have both given up on renewing our magazine subscriptions.

EXCEPT for one, that we both read and fight over! That is WILD FIBERS. It’s published by Linda Cortwright. She travels the world over, living with different communities of people, learning about their life in regards to raising FIBER. Of course, mostly animal fibers, but she’s also had articles about silk (fiber!), the vegetable fibers including such things as jute and sisal production. The life of women in India, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc and their cloistered lives including their weaving and dying. I’ve learned so much from this magazine. Linda also uses high quality paper and ink. Each issue is a treasure. I’m paid up for three years on this magazine.

Anyway, the caliber of quality of WILD FIBERS is as good if not better than National Geographic. Of course, NatGeo addresses a much wider range of topics, and stands alone as a top notch magazine.