Cutting a slash into knitting

I’ve had a look at the videos and I can’t find one that deals with this -when you need to cut a slit into your knitting, how do you not make it so that it unravels?
Are there any videos people can point me to?

Thankyou ladies n’ gents :slight_smile:

Why are you needing to make the slash…and where? Something like an afterthought pocket?


Are you talking about steeking? There is a thread locked at the top of this ‘How To’ board that talks about how to do it.

Sounds like steeking to me.

sounds like perhaps a keyhole scarf type of thing? sometimes a person needs to cast off a few stitches then cast on the next row to make a hole for a wrap…or a button hole perhaps? is that the slash you’re thinking of?:shrug: