Cuttin' a rug

not tonight…it just dawned on me that i haven’t even looked at the rest of the book sooooo i am gonna go do that right now and watch NUMB3RS… :smiley:

I’m confused…

The patterns is available online??? The whole directions and chart and everything??? That seems a little wierd. Is there a difference between what’s in the book and what’s on this page ???

Nope, that’s it! The book is a compilation of a lot of different designers’ patterns. It is odd that the whole thing is available. :thinking:

i was a little surprised to see that too but i went and bought the book anyway cuz it just didn’t feel right to not buy it. but yup, just those two pages are the pattern. and i just found a pattern for what looks like a pretty easy pair of mittens too! :wink: :thumbsup:

What is the name of the book, and how are you finding all the patterns online? I cant seem to find it on the Interweave site… :??

it is the Knitter’s Stash and I happened to find it under the pattern corrections…

OHHH its just the pattern corrections… :lol:

But it’s not just the corrections, it’s the entire pattern and chart. You really don’t seem to need the book.

Some (most, except for the rug) of the patterns look to me to get cut off…they’ve only posted the pages with corrections on them (again, except for the rug).

I imagine that if you’re looking for corrections, you already have the book, anyway.

[size=1] :oops: I wasnt looking for corrections…I thought I was gonna find some more free patterns out of the deal… :oops: [/size]

Hey! It’s worth a shot! :wink: You know, since there aren’t many FREE patterns out here or anything! :rofling:

Im a free pattern ho. :frowning: