Cuttin' a rug

okay so here’s another question…I am pretty sure i am going to go buy that book i saw with the rug in it because i haven’t been able to get it out of my head all week. It is a gorgeous farm scene and being the city livin’ farm girl that i am i just can’t help but love farm scenes. My question is, could you ever use a rug for its intended purpose after you put all that work into knitting it?

my fear is that i will do all that work and then i won’t be able to use it cuz i won’t want it to get dirty.

I would say I would be able to…I have knit several dishcloths that I USE every day, and they get plenty dirty.

Where are you thinking of using it? Maybe next to your bed where there is not much traffic…I know I like a nice soft place to put my feet when I get out bed.

I’ve been eyeing that rug, too. Looks like fun. Make it out of something washable. You could even Scotchguard it. You’d have to put something non-slip on the bottom unless it was on carpet, though.

yeah i can’t get it out of my head and usually i have the attention span of a gnat and forget things as soon as i turn and see the next bright shiny object.

i could do it with encore prolly. :thinking:

yeah i can’t get it out of my head and usually i have the attention span of a gnat and forget things as soon as i turn and see the next bright shiny object.

i could do it with encore prolly. :thinking:

Which book are ya talkin about??

If, or when, I get around to making it, I was planning on Encore, also.

i can’t remember what it is called right now kelly but it has compiled patterns. i believe this one might have been an interweave. i think i have resigned myself to the fact that i will not be able to survive without it so i will let you know when i go pick it up tonight! :wink:

It’s called The Knitter’s Stash.

aaah yes yes yes and here is a sorta pic of the pattern…just can’t find a picture of the actual finished rug.

and the chart does freak me out a bit!

oooooooh i lied…here’s the pic and the look on it is the reason why i think i may be able to get beyond the chart freakin’ me out! :wink:

Charts remind me of coloring books. This one is pretty good because each block of color is large. Not tons of yarn changes.

OH that’s PRETTY!!!

I gotta tell you, looking at that rug again–that is really a good first intarsia project, believe it or not. Double yarn, fast knit, big blocks of color, few color changes.

well that’s what i was thinking but i think the instructions for starting it off may be a little vague for me but i know i have y’all to harrass about it if i get toooo puzzled! :wink: i did a small intarsia project when i first started knitting so i know i can do that it is just a little more intimidating on this scale but i just love it so much that i think i hafta do it!

annnnnnnnnnd i have a feeling that if she sees it in progress, it may get stolen from me by my mother!

or if i get really ambitious she may get it for christmas…lol

Okay here’s the first question I have and it is the yarn needed. The pattern says:

Cascade 220: [color=red]#2414 Rust (b), #8555 Black (dark gray), #8010 Cream (e), and #9325 cornflower (f), 2 Skeins Each. [/color]

[color=indigo]#4010 Gold ©, #8234 Lichen (h), #8267 Forest (d), #8884 Claret (g), and #8234 Lichen and #8267 Forest (a), 1 skein each. [/color] Yarn is used double throughout.

I think in typing it out, i was able to figure out the difference between the first half and second half but i am a little confused by the duplicate colors that are listed, the Forest and Lichen. Is it an error? :??

nevvvvvvvvvver mind…i just looked it all over again and i did figger it all out…thanks! :wink: now you can wait until i get the yarn to have to worry about my questions i think! :wink:

Is that where the field with the two colors is? I didn’t read the colors when I looked at the pattern. I thought it might be a varigated–but I was just going to use two anyway.

yeah it is. i think i am actually going to use the WOTA i have hanging around here. With the colors and quantities i have i can make some fairly decent substitutions and just make sure it doesn’t get someone wiping muddy shoes on it! :wink:

i am going to move this over to the help section later i think cuz i am sitting here looking at it and i have questions but since i can’t start it until i get a couple extra colors that i can’t subtitute i will wait until i have them to start buggin’ ya!..or at least buggin’ ya more! :wink:

Bring it on!!! :happydance: