Cutie booties & hat :o)

Bonjour! :smiley:

Just finished these bootylicious little guys & matching hat! They’re for a friend’s little girl, born last week (she’ll have to grow into them…). Sorry they look a bit wonky in the picture, but they match better up close, I promise :lol:

Patterns are… erm… “adapted”(!) slightly from DB Baby Cashmerino book, which has got some lovely little patterns in. Flower embellishments from Knitting Over the Edge. Really enjoyed making them, nice and small! :happydance:

Thanks for looking, you Super Knitties! :smiley:

Those are adorable! :inlove: I love the little flowers on the hat.

So cute! Great job on both! :thumbsup:

Those are beautiful! Great job!

:inlove: WOW, beautiful!!! :heart:

Absolutely precious! I love them! :heart: :heart:

Where is the pattern from?

Those are really marvellous!!! A treasure!

Wow! You are mucho talented! I may have to pick up that book - what cute patterns :slight_smile:

Wow! You are mucho talented! I may have to pick up that book - what cute patterns :slight_smile:

Salut, Toast King, ça va?

Those are tremodously wonderful, I’m so impressed! Great job, I love the colors!

Oh those look beautiful! I love the cable pattern on that hat :inlove:

Wow! Absolutely beautiful work, and the colors are so pretty together!! :inlove:

So cute!!! What a lucky baby!!

OMGoodness! How adorable!!! :heart: :heart:

What nice intricate work! I love the colors, the pattern, and your work! :inlove: Cute!!

:smiley: both are PRECIOUS!!! These will be treasured for years :thumbsup:

Hi, I’ve been a lurker, but after seeing your set, I just had to comment on how beautiful it is. This is what keeps me going when I just can’t knit for anything, and am inspired by what I one day hope to acomplish. Thanks so much for sharing your work. Just amazing!! :thumbsup:

Wonky?? Your work is FABULOUS! :thumbsup:


Those are stunning!

Salut, Toast King, ça va?

ça va bien, merci, AnreeAce! Et toi? :wink:

Where is the pattern from?

Gardenmommy - it’s the Sandals and Cable & Moss hat from DB Baby Cashmerino (link in original post) - I altered both patterns slightly (extra colour in shoes, and different edging on the hat). Really cute book! :smiley:

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments & compliments, really lovely of you all :blush: Can’t wait to see the little bambina wearing them!