Cuteness alert!


Patons something…
size 5 needles (too lazy to look for something else)
Cute Bunny

Thanks for who ever sent this!!!

Sweet! That looks so snuggly =)

:smiley: That is cute!!!

OHHH! I LOVE his one floppy ear!!! :heart:

thanks, I spent the better part of the afternoon playing with those ears…

dd 7, says…can IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII have this???/ No honey…Ok, I’d like one in blue, pink and purple please…I need HER to start paying for my knitting habit…lol…

:rollseyes: Um… don’t look for the “can I have it, please?” to stop any time soon. My DD is 13 and I hear that every time that I finish something.

Love the bunny but will not be making one for the reasons that you’ve already stated! “I want one in purple and blue and yellow and green and…”


Awwwww, cute!

Oh gracious, that’s just adorable! :heart:

If I start that I’ll be getting requests for them in pink, purple, blue, lime etc. from my Mom, bless her.

Too Cute!

Sweeeet :smiley:

Too cute! Im expecting some Bernats baby yarn in the mail today, which I think might be perfect to try this pattern with. I think I’ll make a few of these for my two DDs and my 3 small nephews. They look perfect to stick in an Easter basket!

Awwww that sure did come out cute!

:heart: the pink bunny! Too cute!

So cute! :inlove:

I’ve had that pattern bookmarked for a while – for those who haven’t read it, it just calls for a knitted square – perfect for using up gauge swatches you no longer need :thumbsup:

He is cute!!!

[color=darkblue]How adorable!!
Was that hard to make?

That’s adorable! :inlove: I have some pink Patons somethingorotherthaticantrememberrightnow that I bought to make Lissa a cabled poncho. I think I know what I will be making with the scraps!!!

You have inspired me, heather… I bought some Cascade Cloud 9 , so Im making a pair…pink with white ears & tail, and white with pink ears and tail. Ill give them to Ella for Easter so she can make them smooch. She’s almost 3 and she’s ALL ABOUT smooching. :lol:

These are SUCH fun quick knits!! Got the pink one mostly done yesterday…just have to get more bunny stuffing and seam his tummy and make his ears, and I knit several rows of the white square. This yarn is HEAVEN to work with, too!

did you have any trouble Sewing those intricate lines?
that is the only thing that stopped me from making this

just wondering

There arent really any intricate lines…after the head, its just matching corners to corners, really…

Here’s bunny 1 of two!

I just love his chubby bunny butt!! :rofling:

[size=2](Is it okay that Im posting my bunnies here, too, Heather??)[/size]