Cute yarn-which pattern?

I got some really cute, pink, soft yarn “Coco” from Lang Yarns.
Now I need some help on choosing which pattern to use.
Since I have 450g(16 oz.) I want to make somekind of sweater for summer.
I was thinking about “Flower Power” from S’nB Nation or the top-down Raglan from glampyre(see reader gallery for photos).
But other suggestions are appriciated too.

As for the yarn label here’s the copy of my block entry:
[color=indigo]Bought from: Ebay
Price: 10,00 + Postage
Company/Yarn name: Lang Yarns "Coco"
Yardage: 85m
Weight: 50g per ball
Color: pink with purple
Fiber Conten: 65% Cotton, 35% Acrylic
Needle size: 7mm, but 6mm works better for me
projects/reason for buying: I’ve been eyeing this yarn at my local LYS and when I saw it on Ebay for half the price(even less) I couldn’t do otherwise [/color]

P.S.: My mum was not much help:“Oh, they both look cute!” :rollseyes:

OK - I may be biased because I HATE ponchos, but that raglan sweater is AWFULLY cute & would look FAB with that pink & purple effect!! I dont know if the colors would show as well with that open lace work…

I vote for the topdown raglan as well! Will look great in pink/purple!

Congrats on a great purchase!

Another vote for the raglan. I would love to see what that top looks like in a yarn like the one you have.

Yep, did the top-down! It’s a really nice pattern and was completed within a few days! I have so much left-over that I considered making my mum or someone else a top too…

I’m thinking of doing the cardiganized version with some other yarn too. Haven’t decided yet. If you see another simple Cardigan pattern tell me please!

That looks fabulous and what a deal! I love it!

The colours are great and the pattern was perfect!!

What a quick knit as well!