Cute Pictures

How do you all get the cute pictures and graphics under your names which I guess is part of your profile? Everyone I try to use is rejected.

Make sure that the size is within the size requirements. I believe it is 100x100 pixels and a certain number of megabites or something like that. You may have to resize your image before you try to upload it.

That is called an avatar and they must be 100x100 and less than 19.5kb.

To edit it go into your profile by clicking the User CP right above the add on the left. Click on “edit avatar” and put it in there.

Thanks. I tried all that, but for some reason it won’t take the pics I’ve tried. They are simple clip art from my computer. I’ll keep at it.

The avatar image needs to be a web graphic format such as JPG or GIF. Clipart images, such as the sorts included with Microsoft programs is typically in a completely different format. You’ll need to convert it to either format mentioned above.