Cute pattern on a bib?

Hello everyone. I am knitting a bib for my uncle’s baby. I would like to know, what cute design can I do for it? How I am going to make the bib is as following; cast on 25 stitches, knit 20 rows, at the end of the row make a yarn over, next row bind off 20, and then keep knitting the 5 you have left until it is the length you want it to be. Then just the that part into the yarnover!!! If you guys have read Stitch and Bitch there is a little heart pattern she makes by alternating knits and purls. If you guys have that pattern, it would be much appreciated. Or if you guys can suggest how i can knit a saying on the bib would also be appreciated too. And remember, us knitters rule the world!!! :hug: :teehee:

Sharing patterns is against copyright so you’ll have to buy the book or get it from the library if you want something from it. However there are a ton of patterns and cute charts that are free. Here’s a few links.