Cute overload

ok I discovered this site at the knitty board, but it really needs to be shared here given cheesy pet pics thread (if I had a pet I would share). I searched, but didn’t find it in the forum.

I put the link in my ‘daily’ bookmark folder. :thumbsup:


Love those pics!!!

Thanks! That’s a great site :cheering:

bump…trust me, it’s worth it :slight_smile:

:smiley: :wink:

Omg…those are so cute!


That’s evil.

[size=2]This is eviller.[/size]

I am bummed - I could not get any of the catagories to open. :doh:

Ill try again though, that site is perfect for a little mom and kid surf time :lol:

awwww…now those ARE cute…love the monkey!

I don’t do cute, I get filled up with cute very quickly. Cute makes me want to curl my lip and frown a bit.

I so love that site, thank you

My sister introduced me to this site a few weeks ago. I love it!

I just had to use the cute bunny for my avatar until Easter!

Thanks for the link!!

gardenmommy passes out from cuteness hangover

I can always use a bit of cuteness! Thanks!

I just had a look at the kittens… OH. MY. GOD. They are so freaking cute!!

I opened the link and started oohinngg and ahhing dh is on the other computer playing his game and was like whats so cute?? LOL so I turned the monitor over and got kittens should’ve known… LOL thanks for the link the kids will get a kick out of it too…

what I did on my Sunday afternoon!!! rofl…

bunny in a sleeveless turtleneck!