Cute kid in a cast **pics**

You were all so great and supportive in my other thread, thank you. Here are some pictures of Logan in his nice red cast. The first one is right after we got home from the doctors, as you can see he took it well. :teehee: The others are from tonight, he spent almost an hour sitting, yes sitting, trying to master scissors left handed.

Yep, he looks like a pistol all right. :rofl:

What a sweatheart! Last night my DBF’s mom told me about when he broke his wrist when he was little and it healed VERY quickly. I’ll hope that your little one heals as soon as possible. Kids are very good healers.

Oh yeah he looks like he’s thoroughly traumatized by it. :roflhard:
Glad he’s doing good! :cheering:Hope you’re doing better too.

LOL! He seems to be happy!

Aww, what a sweetheart he is. He looks like he is doing well. I hope you are doing better Chrissy :hug:

He looks fine but how are you?

Aww, bless his heart! Little kids sure can handle stuff like that better than us old farts! I know when I broke my foot eons ago I thought I would die from the pain the first night!

Oh! I just stumbled over this!

You poor Momma!

My daughter broke her elbow last November… what an experience!

But like someone else said, she had the cast on for a total of 3 weeks. Then we had to spend about another month being cautious but wanting her to use the arm to keep her Range of Motion.

All in all, no issues and no need for physiotherapy. Ask if you can have some exercises to keep things strong, and for right after he gets the cast off! [I used to administer physio and occupational therapy so I knew what to do with my daughter!]

Anyhow… my sympathies! I think this is hardest on the Mom!!! :hug::hug::hug:

I love the picture where he trying so hard to use the scissors and he’s got his tongue out!!:heart: That is the cutest thing!!

awww thanks for sharing!!! Glad he’s bundled up and safe for now!!! :wink:

Aww. Makes me want to kiss his little face :muah:Cast doesn’t seem to be holding him back a bit. Kids are spunky that way. :hug:to Mom, too!

What cutie pie! My first reaction if I saw him would be “look at the cute kid in the red cast!” He looks like he’s doing just fine.

What a cute little boy! And yup, he sure looks like he can keep you busy! :teehee:

Thanks guys, I think hes the cutest ever buy I’m a little biased. He is doing fine, you would never know there was anything wrong, and I am getting over it too.

What a cutie! Love the red!

:heart: What a cutie! Love those eye’s. Looks like he’s doing fine now.