Cute cabled pullover?

Hey everyone! This is my first winter as a knitter, and I am so inspired by all the beautiful winter knits out there! I just started to get really into knitting in the summer, so I’ve never experienced this before - so many gorgeous sweaters are catching my eye!
Today I bought the sweater of my dreams. It’s not really intense or expensive, I got it at Macy’s:,255,255&wid=273&qlt=90,0&layer=comp&op_sharpen=0&resMode=bicub&op_usm=0.7,1.0,0.5,0&fmt=jpeg
Just a basic pullover with some cables all over it. And I really want to make a similar style! Does anyone know a great, very similar pattern?
But the thing is, I said to myself, Self! Why don’t you just make up your own? I mean, you’ve only done one sweater, and it was a pretty weird construction. But… You have EZ’s The Knitting Workshop, pretty darn good sock skills, and pretty decent cabling skills. That should be enough to figure out your own sweater pattern, n’est-ce pas?

So, what do you all think? I had planned on doing some kind of Fair Isle cardigan, which I do think would be more difficult. But I just want to make a cabled pullover because I will love and wear it, not just because I made it, but because it’s awesome.
Ideas/suggestions? :muah:

That is very cute! I haven’t seen a pattern like that though… Have you tried Ravelry’s Pattern browser for pullovers? I’m looking through it and see several that you may be able to change or get ideas from…
I’m sure you could do it… :happydance:

Ok now I wanna make this:
I’ve never paid for a pattern before, but this one is SO COOL :slight_smile:

I’m getting ready to cast on for thissweater, which I have completely fallen in love with!

Hi there RHR -
One of these days, I want to knit this. It looks intricate but after reading the instructions I don’t think it’s too tricky after all. I think this was the subject of a KAL here not very long ago.