Cute baby bib!

Might have to try this as a gift!
(Thinking of making it all 1 solid color.)

Karen G
in GA
kayrun on Ravelry

That’s really cute. I’m not sure how effective it would be, but it’d make a cute gift. :thumbsup:

Boy, thats almost too pretty to have something spill on it. Looks like that could easily be made into a cute top for a little girl instead of a bib.:teehee:

thats so cute. think that one will be added to my partners brothers baby list lol


That’s adorable! I wonder if you could line the back with something so that food and guck wouldn’t seep through?

aww! its cute! i will try it for my cousin!

oh 1 more thing
BTW, he/she is a baby.
(just so you wouldnt question!)