Customizing the Sock Toes

So, I’ve done quite a few pairs of socks, and I’m working on a new pair (Hawaiian Leis Socks) right now.

My question…

Why do patterns make you decrease both sides for the toes? Here’s a picture of my socks and (gag) a close up of my foot:

So, you see how the big toe goes straight up. Why in the world do I want to decrease on that side?

I’ve tinkered with the idea of customizing my socks further for a better fit.

What do you think?

I know what you mean… but wearing those evenly-decreased hand-knitted socks are soooooo much more comfy than anything store-boughten that I never really questioned that. I guess it’s sort of like tube socks… your foot and the stretchiness of the sock are supposted to adapt and cope.

That said, I did once knit a pair for dh that… had a space between the big toe and the other toes for wearing thongs. Kind of like a foot-mitten! Looks weird, but works okay. Gets a lot of funny stares from others, though! lol.

Feel free to experiment if you want! The main requirement to sock toes seems to be that the topside and bottomside of each sock needle have the identical number of sts so you can sew/weave them together.

Hope this helps,

If you only made one side “slant” … wouldn’t you have to have a right sock and a left sock ??

That’s kind of what I was thinking too. :??