Customizing a pattern


A friend of mine asked to re-make a hat that he had, but lost. This is the hat:

I am only doing the knitting part of the project, and the beanie part is straight foward, but I am having trouble with the visor part. I was searching for patterns with a visor on it, but none of them look right to me. I think it would be easier to knit up the beanie and do the visor according to my own specifications, but I don’t know how to make a pattern and although I have made hats, I have never done the visor. Does anyone have any suggestions?

the way its done in commercial hats (and can be done in hand knit hats.

Knit some extra rows.(make hat extra long–about 2 or 3 inches)

then using:
1 gal (empty!) bleach bottle
a 2 gal tub of ice cream (again empty!)

cut a crescent. (cut one of paper/cardboard as a sample, to get about the right size/shape)

the the 2 gal tub is going to give you a slightly better crescent, because its tapered as well as being curved.

tuck this crescent into a cuff (made from the extra length and sew in place.