Custom Pattern from Vintage Sweater

I just found a gorgeous sweater in my Grandfather’s closet that is in, I would say not so wearable condition. I wonder if anyone would be able to give me an idea of how I can customize a pattern to remake the sweater. It might be a stretch but I just found it Sunday and it is now my favorite sweater ever. The color and the shape and pretty much everything about it except it is lookin a lil rough in all its acrylic glory.
My attachment wont upload so hopefully someone can make a suggestion on whether or not there is a customizable pattern website I can get started there.

Thanks guys

This may help you get started and if it’s too much, there’s a link to a simpler version.

Okay, that really looks scary, but I am definately interested. Thanks for the tip

How bad is it? If it is frayed and a little holey, it will definitely need some rework or a new pattern. If it’s just a little faded, try washing it and rinsing in Mrs. Stewart’s bluing. This revives the color on many items that look faded. I’ve also heard that some people use it to make yellowed and aged items white again. I use this to make my work shirts a dazzling white as a bleach alternative that won’t harm fabric. It’s only a few dollars a bottle and it wouldn’t hurt to try.

It’s actually acryllic so it feels horrible. No holes, but alot of pilling <spell check>

If the pilling is the worst issue, you may want to try a fabric shaver to remove them.