Well at the moment I am knitting the cute heart shaped cushions to go in my room, and then I will go back to knitting my second sock. Anyway back to the cushions below is a link to the pattern for them. They are really cool and you can use just about any wool for them. I have made one with a wool that is like patons whisper just in a different brand, and one that is like wndy shimmer just once again in a different brand. I am going to make one moreonly I am adapting the pattern to make it larger and it is also going to be knitted out of wool equivalent to pations whisper (I luv that wool!).

Here is the pattern I am using:

both of my cushions are knitted from wool that changes colour and the colours for both were orange, blue and yellow. It sounds awful but it looks really good! The one I am going to knit now is green and pink/purple!

What do you think?

:smiley: Welcome to the forum, Fudgie :smiley: These pillows are so cute! Hope we get to see yours :smiley:

yeah, just as soon as I can get the size small enough to load a picture on here, or I put it on the web! :thinking: