Curtain pattern

Ok, I’ve got a tall order here. I want to make some curtains, but all the patterns I’ve found so far are “flimsy”. I’m looking for curtains that will prevent people outside from seeing in at night. I also don’t want it to take forever, but that’s not as important.

There are some patterns I’ve seen, but with the big lacy holes, I don’t think it would give much privacy.

I’ve also toyed with the thought of using a blanket or afghan pattern and just making it as big or small as I need, but thought I’d see what you all here might come up with first.

If someone comes across something in crochet, that’s okay also!


If you want a light cutting curtain and not a decorative one, I’d go for the afghan pattern as well.

You could make a lacy pattern (I like the one on KnitPicks) and then line it. It would make it less see thru and keep your work from fading.

I’m not ready to start yet so I’ll see what else comes up, but I am looking for something light cutting rather than decorative.

I want curtains in my daughter’s room without having blinds or a shade, because the windows open from the side, and in the summer I don’t want to have to deal with the blinds or shade banging when I leave the window open, kwim?

When I had curtains made for the bedrooms, they used a special type of lining that cut out the light. To decrease the amount of light coming in, I think the curtain will have to be solid or line a lacy curtain as dip’s mom suggests.

Casement windows were a problem for me. I ended up purchasing a honeycomb blind (?shade) and had a valance above it. (Mine was for the kitchen above the sink so I didn’t have to worry about the blind banging)

One of my sons’ room had Roman shades, but they were also lined.

Good luck!