Curlyques for the top of hats

I want to put some on a hat I knitted for my baby grandson for his Christmas and I can’t find any patterns online that have them on the hats. Can anyone tell me the pattern to knit the little “spring” looking type of curlyques so I can make a few and attach them to his hat? Thanks

I did the umbilical cord hat from the Stitch n Bitch Book, and I also did several baby caps with “sprouts” at the top. You decrease until you have, say, 30 stitches left, then make 6 individual I-cords with 5 stitches each. Does that make sense?

the hat is already finished and sewn up so I need something I can just make and attach. I may make the icords, but I kind of wanted to make one of the others so see which would look better. Thanks!

Hi Nonny,

The following is what is attached to a hat pattern designed by Margaret Hubert from 2003. The pattern is entitled “Very Easy Child’s Sweater and Hat”. A couple of years ago I found it on the internet as a free pattern. I cannot locate it on the internet now, but written below are the directions for the top corkscrews that she included in her hat pattern. I have knitted the sweater several times and also the hat, and the corkscrews do turn out well as well as the darling seater and hat. You attach them after the hat is completed. Hope this helps:

“Top Corkscrews: Make 3. Cast on 20 sts. Knit, inc every st. (40 sts), bind off. Attach to top of hat.”

I think I increased each stitch by knitting into front and back of each one.



I meant to spell Sweater (not seater) and didn’t know how to edit after I sent the reply – sorry –


Here some but they are crocheted