Curly scarf

Okay, I’m making a pretty scarf with a cable in the middle. I put five stitches of garter stitch on each side but it still wants to curl in half. Will blocking help this or should I reconsider my pattern?

It depends on what yarn you’re using. I’ve had that happen where the border wants to fold in, too. I blocked it and it was ok for a while.

Hmmm…this is my special green yarn. It’s Plymouth Galway.

I sort of wrote the pattern myself. I wanted a skinny scarf so it has five garter stitches on either side, then four stockingette on either side, then six cabled in the middle.

It folds in half! I’d hate to get it all made and have it curl! The pattern looks sooo pretty when I hold it open!

I think that will block since it’s wool.

Thank you Ingrid! It’s my 'spensive green yarn and the pattern looks sooo pretty!

I’ll let you know when I’m finished with it!

Hi Nimmie,
I’m just posted a question about scarf pattern ideas and I would like to see your scarf with the cable in the middle. Can you post a picture even if it is not complete? It sounds lovely.