Curly Purly Soaker question

The curly purly soaker is a pdf download if you scroll down.

I am up to the part where you bind off some stitches to begin creating the leg openings and I am lost.

The pattern says:

[I]Knit from start of round to first marker (right hip). BO 5
stitches. Knit to 5 stitches before hip marker (left hip), BO
5 stitches.

Now since the start of the round is the centre back of the soaker, I would have thought the first marker was the left hip? So do I knit around past the first marker to the 2nd (right hip) then BO the stitches? It seems that then the leg would be sticking directly out at the side or even pointing back? Then do I knit around the back of the soaker to the first marker (which I think is left hip) and BO the 5 st before that?? Or is it the L and R as you look at the soaker from the front? Or the baby’s L and R? :??

Ok, once I get that answered I will need to know what to do then. The next part says first “knit across”. Does this mean knit to the start of the round (centre back) or across the the opposite marker? The instructions say:

[I]Knit across, k2tog last 2 stitches. Turn and purl (or knit
backwards) until 2 stitches remain. SSP remaining 2
stitches. Repeat these two rows until 18 [18, 20, 20, 20]
stitches remain (4.25-4.5 inches). Leave stitches live on
needle, snip the yarn, and return to stitches between the
BO sections (front of soaker).[/I]

Is this part describing the shaping of the back of the soaker? Am I knitting this section back and forth across the back? ALso about snipping the yarn, I am using a circular needle, so what do I do? Put them onto a dpn I guess.

So Confused!

Thanks for any help,

Shabbat Shalom


I guess your marker is the center back, don’t worry about the right hip and left hip designations. The next bit is after you BO the 2nd set of sts, work across the row to the next set of bound off sts, you’ll be knitting flat to do the shaping. I’m not sure you’ll need markers anymore. You can put the sts on a holder, or just leave them on the cord of the circ while you go back to knit the front; they shouldn’t be in the way. And when you cut the yarn, leave a long enough tail to weave in later.

But which stitches do I BO?



The 5 sts after the first marker and the 5 sts before the 2nd marker. Not the beginning of round marker, the ones at the sides.