Mmmk…so, I am a total n00b (newbie) at knitting. I just learned how to Purl this week. It still feels odd, but it’s nice to learn new things.

Along with purling came curling. :doh:

Anyone have some pointers on how to combat this ? Can I prevent it ? What can I do AFTER the fact to stop it ?

I am knitting a scarf for my mother-in-law for Christmas, and I am certainly not going to give it to her if it’s curling. It looks silly…

I alternate between knitting and purling every other row. The scarf is 12 stitches wide.

I am using Jewel Box yarn: 64% acrylic, 20% rayon, 16% polyester. I am sure that doesn’t matter, but just in case…

Any help is greatly appreciated.

God bless !

I believe there are tons of tips on combatting the curl. I would do a “search” for it using the search button and I guarantee you’ll find all you need to know. Basically you need to add a border such as 2 or three stitches in garter and that will lay it flatter. Essentially on your purl rows,you knit the first few and last few stitches to create said border… Good luck curbing the curl! :thumbsup:

I have never done a border. This is only my second piece. Any good websites I can look at that will give me a How To ?

You mentioned “garter”…what is it ?

I’m sorry. I am so new at this, and have never seen anyone do this in real life. The videos on this site are all I’ve had to go on, and they are fantastic !

They don’t deal with this, though…

Thanks !

Garter stitch is just using only knit or only purl stitches. You could try looking at (there’s a link on this site to it). Most of the washcloth patterns show examples of borders. I think they even have a section at KP Central of stitch examples that would be helpful. Many knitting books that are good will have at least a few examples too.

Not to worry… there are lots of awesome folks here with tons of knowledge to help. I’m not sure if this side has videos on specific stitches, I haven’t browsed them in a while but I don’t recall ever seeing any…

Hope that helps!
I’m visiting at my brother’s and not used to his computer so I am not too handy at doing the links…besides,he just came home from work so i better go say “hi”!

Thanks, Jodie !


Stockinette always curls. The second sticky post at the top of the page gives hints on how to combat this. :wink:

Here’s what I use…hehe.

Jan - What is “stockinette” ? I thought it was a pattern, which is why I ignored the sticky on it.

FoldedBird - What is it ?! Looks nifty…

Thanks, gals.

Stockinette is what you get when you alternate purling and knitting. It’s sorta flat looking with little v’s whereas knitting has ridges. Garter stitch is just repeated rows of knit stitch. Stockinette is used in patterns, but if used alone it curls. Sometimes you want that like on the edges of some hats or sweaters, but if you don’t then you do 3 or 4 rows of garter (knit) stitches and it won’t curl.

The picture that Foldedbird posted is a flat iron. My daughters use them on their hair, but if she uses it on knitting it’s new to me. :lol:

Denise…do you use that on acrylic too? or just wool? or does it matter??? what a CLEVER idea!!! does it STAY that way then? or temporary?

Denise was joking! :rofling: Don’t iron your knitting. For minor things you can try wet blocking if something is out of shape, but ironing is NOT a good idea.

Unfortunately, blocking’s not going to help in this circumstance. Stockinette always curls. The only way to counter it is to make a border for your scarf, and you’ll have to start over. Read this thread to get a better idea of what to do:

YES, I was kidding. It’s a flat iron for your hair. Do.Not. Put it on your knitting. :shock: Bad things will happen if you do.


Sorry about that!

Bad things happen when I put my hair in those, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

NP…I was just a little giddy…I would like a stockinette border…but the nature of the beast…ain’t happenin…lol…i lost myself…lol…

Elizabeth Zimmerman has a ‘purl where you can’ border technique where you can start your sweaters in st st and it won’t curl. Because her Fair Isles have the color pattern to disguise it and also because the wool is so thin, if you purl a few stitches of each pattern repeat, as long as the color is the same above and below it to avoid purl bumps, you can start right in on the sweater without a ribbing or border. You do this for the first few inches.

It still tends to start out a little curled, at least mine did, but blocking took care of it.

ooooo that sounds so purdy!!! :slight_smile:

hahaha…I definitely would have known not to put that on my knitting, if I had known it was a flat iron !!

Thanks for the real tips, Jan. I will start over.

Why can’t you knit a border onto an existing piece ? Just curious…

Have a great night !

I feel so silly…I don’t even know what “blocking” is.

I need to take some classes, methinks.

Crocheting is so much easier, in my opinion. :frowning: