I’m knitting a scarf in stockinette and I did a border to prevent curling, but it still is curling. :think: Any ideas? :shrug:
(The yarns can’t be ironed I checked.):blooby:

Here’s a whole thread to answer your question…

I posted there, but I’m still waiting for a response.

Sugarfun - how wide is your border? Generally, I find you need about a 6-stitch garter border to keep things from curling. Even then, a you’ll have a little bit of curling with a piece that is pure stockinette stitch. If you want a stockinette scarf (which is nice and smooth) that doesn’t curl, try knitting a double-weight scarf, either in the round (get a short circular needle) or knit double wide and sews in half.

U.S. 11 needles, 25 stitches, 2 st border for each side. Total 4 st. It 4 ply yarn, acrylic and cotton(bi-color)(tan-black-tan-black,etc) I may sew in half depending how wide it is finshed.

I don’t think a 2 stitch border is near enough. I think 5 on both sides is what you need to do.

Acrylic won’t stay blocked, but if it has enough cotton it might help.

I can’t restart now!!! Would blocking maybe work?

You can try it. :shrug:

Okay, when I finish I’ll try it.

The blocking worked!!! It still is a tiny bit curled, but since it’s a scarf it will be suffice!