Curling stockinette

Hi, I have been knitting for a long time but have recently found a pattern that I need to make with the St St and would like to know how others have successfully dealt with the curling of the bottom. In the past I have done a turning row and hemmed the bottom but this shawl does not lend itself to that improvising. Any ideas? thanks, Karen

There is really no way, except if you’re using wool, you can block it out. Backing it with fleece will also keep it from rolling in.

Many shawls have from 3-8 rows of garter stitch on the ends, then a few stitches of garter on each edge to prevent rolling and/or curling. If you don’t like garter, there’s seed stitch as well.

There is a sticky link at the top of the page that has info and lots of ideas for curling stockinette.

Here’s the thread Jan is referring to:

and if you want, a crochet edging can help, and often looks pretty on a shawl… Also, there’s a book- knitting over the edge? I think? that has lota of gorgeous knitted edgings to adapt to patterns.