Curling sides when knitting stockinette for a shrug

I read here about preventing curling while using stockinette stitch…
I am making a shrug… simple 2" of k1 p1 ribbing then k1 row p1 row for the next 36"…
I remember reading somwhere (I think) that by doing a slip stitch at each end… the first stitch… it would prevent the sides curling… is this correct? If not, HELP!! how do I stop the on the sides curl?

Doing a slip stitch at the begining(or end) of a row will give it a nice pretty edge to work off of, or you can just leave it like that and its pretty…

However, If you just leave it like that, it [I]will [/I]curl on a all stockenette piece. You will need to put 4ish or more stitches of something else…seed stitch, garter, or whatever to make it lie flat…or

you can just put the slip stitch edging on and later come back with a knitted on border! or a crochet border…jazz it up a bit. or not. sometimes knitting the opposite way is attractive too, like knitting a button band but not for buttons, or for buttons…the possibilities are endless…have fun with it! this will make it lie flat too…

Show pics!!!

Thanks… just to clarify… do i do the slip stitch at both beginning and end of each row or just at one?

One side or the other…To make it easy for me…i slip the first one, Its done, Dont have to remember it. and it makes the pesky first stitch behave.

If it’s going to be seamed then you don’t need to do anything because the edge won’t show.

If you’re going to put on a border later you also don’t need to do anything. When you pick up stitches to add the border that nice edge also won’t show. I only do the slip stitch edge in things where the edge will show.

The slip st at the edge prevents only that stitch from curling, not the whole edge. But if you seam the edge or pick up sts that stops the curling. If it’s an edge that’s going to be exposed though, you need garter or seed or ribbing to prevent curling.