Curling houndstooth scarf

:woot: I knitted a houndstooth scarf, I saw how to do it from a blanket and it said to carry the yarn so when I finished the scarf it curled up. Does anyone know how to knit one where it wont curl up when finished??

Was it knit all in stockinette? Maybe the yarn was carried too tightly? If it’s all stockinette, next time you could try doing garter or seed stitch or something at the edges to keep it from curling, I don’t know that there’s much you can do about the curling now. You may also need to carry the yarn a little more loosely.

Yes, it was stockinette stiching. I didnt think of doing any kind of edging until I saw it rolling, so its trash now, but I so want to tr to knit another one. Thanks for the advice